Lil Spill

April 22, 2014

Today was my first laser vein ablative procedure. It wasn’t
that bad. They numb the leg then stick a laser inside the faulty vein and kill it. ” So this is both medical and cosmetic?” ” Miss Lovell the veins are insufficient veins and they are deep so while you will still have veins on your legs , you are getting chances to stop any blod clots from killing you with the insufficient veins” 4 more of these procedures over the next two weeks. I heard the word aneuristic and I took it seriously.I have a feeling tomorrow will be painful. urghIMG_2892IMG_2891

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Liliana it’s so good of you that you should share your medical procedures with us all. I know I’m looking forward to your next installation. But just one question. Why is your foot in a plastic bag?