Lil Spill

April 18, 2014

I was going to speak about how incredible the Calendar shoot has been so far until I read ” rapper severed penis then jump off building”.
That just lured me in. He lived. ” Dumbass perhaps go from a building higher then 2 floors.” All the news in the world: the ferry capsizing, avalanche on everest, Putin is unstable, yet this drew me in. Now I will be captivated. Did they reattach his penis? What drugs was he on? Did he do something with that penis that made him feel a huge burden of guilt that was the catalyst to sever his penis? It’s fascinating .
The photoshoot was spectacular today. Every girl was incredible. I say it every year and unfortunately it is true but the more anorexic a girl is the better the shot. I think its that the angles of her body are more visible.On another note, I would like to give Kim Kardashian kudos for something. She has helped make the big butt popular. Do you know how incredibly secure I would be if in high school I thought my big latin butt was fashionable? Answer is I would be very secure.
Very positive day. Namaste

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Yes he was a “Dumbass” but maybe he’s trying for the Darwin Awards. Now to “Putin is unstable”! Glad you brought my childhood thinking back up. The Poo Tin man of my youth. I also called him Poo Can Man. Mum chastised me saying he was a county sanitary worker. At 7yo that sounded like county sane worker. I thought there was nothing sane about carrying cans of poo on your shoulder. I thought more like county insane worker. Now putting it all together - Putin is unstable or The Poo Tin Man who carries with him such a load of shit around on his shoulders is insane. What drives Putin to think as he does?