Lil Spill

April 24, 2014

” Ashton , am I getting punked?” I just read all the managers’ logs. Abysmal.It must be some cruel prank. Thank you San Antonio. They were the only bar that did well.
I feel like complete and utter shit. ” No jeff I haven’t gotten the paperwork notarized yet. ”
I would like to say that I couldn’t feel more miserable but in a few hours after my second procedure I have a feeling that how I feel now will be like heaven in comparison.
Dinesti, Mac, Tommy, Lee, Jeremy, and myself are all signed up for the San Diego International Triathlon. Fun!!

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On top of your busse work load:- Hey Lil I’ve just read a book worth reading. It explains why CU started in NYC. It gives a good insight into you. Why I’m am considered an idiot and why Manhattan is, for me, Fantasy Island. And there's still more. “The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion Print ISBN:9781922079770 Ebook: 9781921961960 Dewey No: A823.4