Lil Spill

April 14, 2014

So I am in SD. Wednesday night the girls start arriving for the 2015 Calendar shoot. I am scrambling trying to get our makeup artist different images for certain looks. I goggled Freckled face natural model . As I am scrolling down the images I see a freckled faced girl having anal sex. That was followed by a freckled faced girl giving a blow job. All the images and I did not find one great image of a natural looking fair haired freckled bikini model.
I did find these incredible Carl Junior Burger ads.o-BURGER-SEXY-ADVERT-NINA-AGDAL-570carl

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Is that the material swimsuits edition or the painted on swimsuits. Wouldn't it be nice, yes nice, if Lil produced a CU calendar with the girls wearing body make-up gear!


Ah the calendar. It is better than the swimsuit edition of sports illustrated


In accordance with CU Law. Lil it important that you tell me, I need to know. Do they have boyfriends, what’s their numbers and when do they dance on the bar next? Give me this info and I’ll never think of Bridget Moynahan again.