Lil Spill

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I woke up at 2:30 am. That seems to be standard since I have returned from Nepal. As 6 am came and I was preparing for the Turkey Trot 5 mile race that Leslie signed me up for, all I could think of was ” Pay back is a bitch.” All the races I have signed her up for and today at 6 am, 35 degrees outside with only 3 hours sleep, those were my thoughts. ” Payback is a bitch and ” You reap what you sow.” I wore a parka the whole 5 miles.
Jackson is in NY with his dad. I thought I would be lonely but it was kind of refreshing. I layed in bed and watched Game of Thrones then went to a friend’s house for turkey. Rather civilized with no stress!! ” Lil can you sit at cousin Frankie’s table? He just got out of a mental institution. But don’t say anything.” Frankie was very pleasant. I was hoping for a bit more crazy.
Yesterday I went to a new orthopedic specialist. I described to him the pain I have been feeling in my foot that started the second day of the Manaslu Trail race. He was trying to be very nice ‘ Miss Lovell the pain you are describing occurs right before a fracture. your body is telling you not to run .” Of course there were other inquiries from me to him which ended in the traditional ” miss Lovell you’re an idiot. ” Then as my alloted time ended and I rose to leave He handed me a prescription. On the prescription pad there was a name and a telephone number. The doctor then looked at me and said ” Stop killing yourself and change your midlife crisis to flying lessons. That’s the name and number of my instructor.” So tomorrow I have my first flying lesson. Very exciting.
Today I am thankful for so many people. Waking up to so many texts and emails of well wishes, really makes me happy . I have so many good genuine people in my life. Thanks universe!

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