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November 24, 2013

Lyndsey and Jazz have challenged Zach and Will at the New Orleans bar to a contest for charity. The month of December is their raise awareness for charity month and they are in a race to collect stuff for their various charities. I usually don’t take sides but I am routing for Zach and Will. They are going outside the box and hosting a Madden game day playoff. Both Chantel and I want to learn how to play Madden so we can support them. How fun. I always tell the staff to think outside of the Coyote Ugly business plan and they did. Love it . Can’t wait to go.
Ok back to the Nepal race. I wrote down my list of equipment that worked and equipment that didn’t work. Here are my reviews.

Pros :
1. Kize energy bars ( the owner did me a favor and substituted egg white protein for whey . Excellent about 1 hour before exercise)
2. Skins thermal compression pants ( awesome) Kept warm and dry even though I was sweating from exercise and it was cold outside.
3. North face neck /head wear thing ( not sure accurate name) awesome . When it got really cold I could cover my face or use it just for my ears and head. Or even as a hairband.
4. 2xu sports bra pretty good. They kept the girls in place while while whisking away moisture.
5. Feetures smart wool running socks great
6. Brooks GTX trail running shoe ( outstanding) went through streams , ice, rocks, felt secure and didn’t get my feet wet once
7. Under armour
Semi fitted jacket all seasons ( awesome but takes very long to dry once completely wet)
8. Oakley half jacket 2.0 sunglasses ( great. worked well while running )
9. Polar tec stretch fleece pants ( great to hang out in cold not great to run )
10. Marmot down jacket ( light and awesome )Ran with it as well as just wore it while lounging in the cold.
11. REI emergency blanket great ( wow it was a life saver the night Kevin, Daniel, and I did not make the checkpoint. You have to know that it uses your own body heat . It was created for nasa. The negative side is that it collects the condensation from your skin so the blanket gets very wet.)
12. Gear Creek LED headlamp awesome . I could adjust the lamp’s trajectory. and it lasts for hundreds of hours.
13. Ziplock space bags. Really saved space in my bag and helped to organize my things.
14. Anker Astor extended battery charger. worked great and fast. ( not great with ipad though)
1.Camelbak spart 1.0 2 liter bag. ( too small . No magnet for mouth piece so when the bag was put down on the floor the mouthpiece would get dirty. Not enough pockets. Weird placement of bladder)
2. Skiva extended battery for iPhone ( sucks, I swear it sucked the life out of my iPhone)
3. Garmin triathlon forerunner 910 gps watch ( mileage was off everyday ) and it ran out quickly
4. Brooks running cap ( sucked bent out of shape easily )
5. Smartwool half down running Jacket. ( I never felt warm)
6. Solomon trail shoes: The string/ shoelace contraption would get loose and I would trip over dangling string. They also were too loose in the toe box area.
7. swiss army knife tweezer. Now I know it was made for splinters in the wild but I tried to use them to pluck my eyebrows and they stunk.

I am sure there is more that I am forgetting.

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