Lil Spill

November 26, 2013

This is the conversation I just had with one of my investors.
BC: Lil can I get some CU whisky for my brother?”
small talk , small talk, small talk …
BC: “Lil my biker friends call me Billy Club because I slept with a one armed stripper.”
Lil: “I would prefer sleeping with a one legged man. But he has to have that sporty metal leg.”
BC: “Lil I have so many military friends I could hook you up with a ton of guys that just have one leg.”
Lil: “Only if they have the metal sport leg. I don’t want to sleep with a fat one legged guy.”
BC: “Hey if i paint my leg silver will you sleep with me?”
I am not joking I truly just had that conversation.

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