Lil Spill

December 2, 2013

Any peace and calm that I found in Nepal is completely gone after yesterday. Primarily , all the bars sucked. San Antonio and NY were alright but the rest sucked! Yesterday I had a flight to San Diego. I have a meeting today with the police commissioner of the gas lamp district. My layover was at LAX . First flight delayed 3 hours and then they canceled it . They offered everyone a voucher to take a bus to San Diego. As a delta diamond medalon member I thought I would beat the system by calling the diamond services and getting on the 9:30 flight. What a mistake. The second flight delayed 3 hours as well so I made the executive decision to stay at a hotel at the airport. Damn I should of taken the bus. This morning the airport was super crazy so I paid $275 for a car service to take me to San Diego. I am beyond frazzled. I just couldn’t miss this meeting. I need to calm down, have a coffee and pretty up.

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Dear Lilianna, so many people think LAX is a pneumonic for Los Angelies airport. No! LAX stands for what it is. Delta, I wont comment, but it has something to do with the concept of international vs local and which is what.