Lil Spill

December 4, 2013

” no one gives a shit about Grover’s disease. Go have one of the bars do a charity run for Grover’s disease so the one person in the world who cares about it gets a new research fund .” From my ex husband
Today I was diagnosed with Grover’s disease . People like me with this genetic disease get skin issues when they sweat or are in extreme weather conditions. Touch√© Nepal race. Not life threatening only annoying.
Well doctor what can I do? “Stop sweating and stop wearing tight sports bras. But can I say that who ever did your breast augmentation did an excellent job .”
Key West, WTF? Get your shit together. Right now I expect Nola or Milwaukee to suck according to season but not Key West”
Today my gratitude goes to Dr Metzner who did my boob job . Thank you for making my life so much happier .”
Heading to Nashville tomorrow

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