Lil Spill

September 27, 2013

Wow a powerful day at work. My phone started ringing at 7:30 am. Kevin’s to do list is “the Sans”, San Juan, San Diego, San Antonio. Daniel; NY, Key West, Vegas. Lee; Singapore, Phoneix, Dallas. Chantel; Dallas, Phoenix, Key West. I am trying to figure out my schedule. I have San Diego, Key West this week. Next week Charlotte straight to Vegas. Things are getting very busy! I love being busy!!!
Lizzie choreographed a new song for us! Jackson came in second yesterday in his cross country race out of 50 kids. 2 miles at 13 minutes 16 seconds. Everything is very positive right now.
Daniel, Kevin, and I have been accepted into the Nepal race, . I was doing 15- 20 miles a week running then adding on to that I would swim and bike to train for the triathlons. This week I have gone up to 30 miles running . I need to up my game. My mid life crisis is killing me and my close friends. But I am so happy that my dear friends are accompanying me on this crazy journey. I went to get a massage this week. The woman said ” ma’am you have an awful lot of bruises.” THE FUCKING BIKE! lol
Just to add humor; when I went to Key west last weekend it was for fun. Of course I met with the managers and visited the bar but I spent most of my time with my friend drinking mojitos. She called it Lilfest 2013. I have been to KW a million times but I had never gone to the beach. I went to the beach with my friend on Sunday. Sunday night and Monday night I was so itchy that I went to urgent care. The doctor said ” have you been to the beach?” yes. ” well you are having an allergic reaction to sand fleas.” Oh brother. Got a shot in the butt and now I am fine.

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Were you taught to brake up words to get a handle on how to say them? And how to remember stuff by make up a sentence or picture that reminds you of it. Try this one ‘manaslutrailrace’ goes to man/a/slutr/ail/race’. So ‘manaslutrailrace’ becomes ‘man a slaughter of a race’! From what you say, yes, your mid life crisis is killing you. What with lying in sand flees, a bike that beats you and other things.