Lil Spill

September 25, 2013

Thank god for San Antonio and NYC, the bars did horribly last night. San Juan and San Diego are so close that my spanish is getting better and my need to go around a big zoo is increasing. ” Mom I have a vocabulary test and I don’t know what these are; wool, silk, corduroy, and play ed.” Shit a mother’s job is never done. I guess that’s my fault for not talking about clothes more. But what’s play-ed? ” mom its spelled plaid”. Shit ” Jackson in the real world a man never never needs to know corduroy. And plaid is a preppy pattern, I have two plaid skirts.”oh brother.
One of my trainers told me today that I was very hard because of my type A personality. I said in a joking manner ” must be hard being my friend.” She agreed. That has plagued me all day. ” well my friends went to a strip club with me a few days ago and bought me a lap dance. I don’t think they think its hard being my friend.”

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