Lil Spill

September 29, 2013

While I was nestled all snug in my bed I received this video from the New Orleans bar.

I am in my living room jumping up and down!!! I finsihed 115th overall in today’s triathlon. While that doesn’t seem good to most people I am super pleased. I rocked the bike today!!! Jackson thinks I am nuts because I am so happy about 115th.
Chantel came to the finsih line crying. We were all so worried. While she was running she saw a woman collapse and have a heart attack. The woman wasn’t breathing and Chantel had to find someone to call an ambulance. Chantel was really out of sorts. She found out later that they were able to revive the woman. Thank god. Chantel said the woman was very overweight. You have one body and you need to take care of it!

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I’d stone a bike that bruised me and speak gruffly to it. So if Jackson thinks youre nuts because youre so happy about 115th. Prove him right! Just tell him to have pity on the guy who only got a ‘1’. And make sure that he understands that madness is hereditary – you get it from your children! My esteem and admiration for Chantel. Happy Birthday. 21?

Jose Cruz

Feliz Cumpleaños from San Juan, Puerto Rico Happy Birthday!