Lil Spill

July 31, 2013

Yes I am again painfully trying to pretend I am on vacation. Well today has been a parent’s nightmare. The digital classes that Jackson signed up for have been horrible. In fact the classroom lost electricity most of Monday and part of Tuesday. So today I had him come to swim training in the Pacific with this coach. What a mistake.It was very cold today. About 65 and very overcast. The water temperature was 64 degrees which is fairly cold for swimming. We both wore wetsuits and the coach made us swim out to get used to rough, cold conditions because in his words ” a real triathlete” needs to be ready for anything. ( dude I am doing a triathlon in Destin, fl. Water temp today was 85). So it was really cold and the water was very rough. Jackson was miserable. Honestly it’s two sided. The coach is very serious, really no humor at all. And Jackson was a bit shy about getting in and out of his wetsuit in front of so many people. So when the kid’s unhappy it means the parent is unhappy. Urgh. Then I come home to relax and read the news when low and behold there is an article about another F word I am not supposed to be saying in front of my child and that word is “FAT”. I call myself a fatass all the time. HIs dad will joke with Jackson ” get your fat ass off the couch and do the treadmill.” Jackson will joke with me ” Mom your fat butt is more buoyant in the water then mine. Maybe if Jackson was chunky I would curb that word but he is lean with broad shoulders. He has been raised to be kind to people, I know he would never call anyone fat. In the article this woman talks about her various children being of different shapes and sizes. I know I will get hell for this but is the underlying problem not that getting called fat hurts their confidence but that as parents if we watch their diet and exercise they would not have weight issues? Hence not being put in a position to get called fat? Fine I will try and curb the word fat but that might mean the other F bomb comes out a bit more frequently .

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Other than your usual ‘every day run of the mill ups and downs’ in life, we have a real language and thinking problem here. The word ‘fat’ is double plus ungood word. Can’t say fat. Must say unthin or plus unthin or double plus unthin. Then word saying good and good with newspeak and thinking as told by big brother!