Lil Spill

July 24, 2013

Anna from the NY bar was on the Andy Cohen show last night. Awesome. I think it aires on Sunday evening.
My sister and I are scrambling to try and get things in place for my parents. I just erased the page long rant on the position they have left us in. This should be a time of peaceful reflection with my dying dad instead we are spending hours on calls with lawyers, collection agencies, and funeral homes. My dad did not specify anything so we were even argued about urns. My sister’s stance is “why spend so much money on an urn if it will eventually get buried?” My issue is ” I don’t feel good spending less money on my Dad’s urn then my Dog’s”.
Heading to San Antonio. Wine and steak with Chantel and Marsha.

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While visiting the Nashville location for the first time I wanted to shop before checking in to hotel, first stop was coyote ugly, there was no shirts besides xl, I was told to take a pic of what I wanted and give them a call in a few days and they will mail me what I wanted, so I did, well needless to say that did not happen there is nothing on web site that is newer and says "Nashville" or says I danced on the bar, went to hang out that night at coyote ugly it was my bday weekend they got me up there embarrassed the hell outta me but I didn't mind!! All I want is a shirt!!! We spent a butt load of $$$ and have nothing to show for, memories are blurry!!


Giving in and avoiding arguments now will, in all probability, lead to pleasant memories later. Conversely arguing at this time is only hurtful. PS whatever happened to Jessie from the NY bar. She was lovely.


Hello! Is it true that you will be visiting Kiev? I would be really happy to attend your press-conference. May i just ask when will it be? I'm leaving for my studies so wouldn't want to miss it. best regards and all the luck to you)