Lil Spill

July 30, 2013

I had a ball at the San Antonio anniversary party. The whole staff was incredible. They had a Michael Jackson and a Dolly Parton impersonator. Fun. But I really enjoyed the dance off between one of the bouncers , Antwon, and one of the bartenders, Bounce. Antwon was good but Bounce schooled him. She may be one of the best dancers in the company . Outstanding. Marsha put her heart and soul into the anniversary. Chantel and Lauren , wow the girls rocked!
I am in La Jolla with Jackson. He’s enrolled in a digital media camp. Unfortunately they had no electricity for half the day which ruined his experience. God I hope they get their act together tomorrow . I already have that dread of ” we want a refund” talk bubbling. Also teenagers dwell on the negative things. Urgh. Well on a positive note I swam in the Pacific Ocean today with a triathlon coach. I had to wear a wetsuit because the water was freezing. Sea lions were swimming right next to me. When you get over the first bit of surprise it was so incredibly powerful. As I am writing , sitting in this warm condo, listening to music , I am realizing I may not be painting an accurate picture. I sucked! Really I sucked! Lol I swallowed so much salt water and had to keep stopping. The coach , he’s very nice but very serious. ” miss Lovell there is something very wrong with your breathe technique.” Could it be that I swallow water every time I try to take a breathe? Regardless, I may have sucked but I did it! I swam about 700 meters in the frigid Pacific Ocean! That’s a win in my book. I high fived him when we got out of the water. I could see his surprise ” why is this woman happy about sucking?” I said to him ” I didn’t drown and I swam near sea lions! Awesome”. I saw the switch turn in his eyes ” owe she just wants to finish but not be good. ” lol. Well tomorrow he wants to see me run since according to him , my run times are horrible. I will let him feel good by putting me through the ringer. On land I won’t die , hopefully.
Big decisions on the calendar cover. Tough call

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Liliana Lovell

I prefer Liliana but Lil I am used to


Good to hear such a level of success. now I have a problem I hope you can help me with, My question is? “Hi Lil, do you prefer Liliana or Lil.” Or “Hi Liliana, do you prefer Lil or Liliana.” So which is my question?

Judith P.

....good job Liliana, glad you did not drown!!! :)