Lil Spill

August 1, 2013

I saw the Light!!! I just read an article about The Miss Rodeo of America Pageant. I have got to be a part of this. These incredible women must look good in a dress with a full face of makeup and be asked to jump on a strangers horse and ride like a master horseman. OH MY GOD, I need to sponsor someone! I can see the Coyote Ugly leather chaps next to the Coyote Ugly ballroom gown. I wonder if any of our girls in Denver can ride? Deedee a woman who worked on the set of the Coyote Ugly tv show was a wrangler. She had training roping, riding , and wrangling. I need to call her.
Last night we picked our cover for the 2014 Coyote Ugly Calendar. It came down to two different girls . We went back and forth a million times. Finally I sent it out to 3 friends and they all unanimously picked one picture over the other. Bam 2014 calendar ready for production.

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