Lil Spill

August 3, 2013

The article entitled ” The other F word” has come back to bite me in the ass. All week I have been thinking to myself, ” maybe I call myself fat too much in front of Jackson.” ” Maybe his dad and I shouldn’t joke about being fat and lazy if he’s playing his playstation.” ( again Jackson is lean ). Today Jackson and I ran the Balboa Park 8 mile run. The first 4 miles Jackson struggled. At the water station I decided to take off and just meet up with him at the finish line. In my mind I was thinking ” I have to take this play station away if he is this out of shape.” I was a 1/4 mile away from the 8 mile finish line when my phone rings. ” Mom where are you?” Dude I am still running. OH NO. When I crossed the finish line Jackson said ” Who’s the slow fatass now!” Yup that would be me. lol. He must of passed me somewhere between mile 6-7. Damn . Oh god he’s is going to rub this in all day.
The phone just rang. ” Miss Lovell the tenant in your Pensacola condo left a pot on the stove. There was no interior damage to the condo but the fire department broke down the front door.” URGH
Haven’t read one manager’s log all week. Let’s hope it was a good week.

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David Mahaffey

Lil, If you want one of your girls to compete for Miss Rodeo, you will probably need to come to Texas to find a combination of rider and looker. If you want to get good exposure for Coyote Ugly, get involved with the NFR Finals in Vegas every December.