Lil Spill

July 22, 2013

Memories of being a floor manager. I just read some of Jess’s ( Austin AM) frustrations with the girls .lol

“1.Why are you standing still, and what are you starring at…or thinking
about? Are you thinking about how packed we are? Wondering how many people
need a drink and are starring back at you wondering if you even work here?
2.Are you a singer? Seriously though…do you think you are?
3.If you won’t shake it for Luke Bryant, who will you shake it for…will
you shake it for your job?
4.Might you be interested in letting me show you our merch selection
incase you would like to sell a t-shirt at some point?
5.Do you handle being overwhelmed by standing by your register and dancing
by yourself or humping the air? If so, might you bartend instead of me and
I can dance and hump the air?
6.When we are packed with ladies…why is nobody on the bar with you doing
the wobble, do they prefer the cupid shuffle? When we do get ladies on the
bar for wobble, why does 3 out of 6 coyotes feel the need to wobble all of
the sudden?
7.How many cups can you kick before you think to pick one up? Which leads
me to my next question…why are we low on cups? Anyone?
Things that will keep me up tonight, thought I’d share”

I added a few
1. Did we make a structural mistake building the back bar so you need to lean on it all night to hold it up?
2. When it took you 4 tries to button your jean shorts and your belly was hanging over the waistline of those shorts were you thinking ” damn I look good”
3. Is your memory so poor that you really can only take one drink order at a time?
I could go on all night. Lol

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