Lil Spill

July 20, 2013

I went into my dad’s office and brought all of their bills home with me. What a disaster. They have nothing. I can’t imagine going into retirement with NOTHING! Bills upon bills unpaid. Married for 56 years and they have seperate checking accounts and all their bills are seperate. For god sakes , Jackson’s dad and I still have a joint account for Jackson’s school bills etc. They are a real life example of what NOT TO DO with your finances. I would like my dad to die knowing he is completely debt free. And I would like to make sure my mom is in a better financial position. Why do they keep giving her credit cards? It’s going to be hard for her. But my dad will pass away and I am going to have to cancel all of her credit cards because of her irresponsibilty with them. My sister is sickened by my mother’s spending but no lesson will be learned by my mother. They are so lucky that my sister and I have done alright in life. We both could of ended up in very different positions.
People do different things when they are stressed. I eat chocolate. I have been eating bags of chocalate morsels. I saw Jackson going into the pantry the other day eyeing the open chocolate bag. ” don’t even touch it !” Sorry but it’s my prefered method of coping right now.
San Antonio anniversary on Thursday. That’s always a crazy one.
Marsha has booked Chantel, myself, and herself massages on Wednesday. I can’t wait.

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You could say what your folks have lacked in long term financial planning they have gained in family planning. Obviously with daughters like yourself and your sister they don’t have any real long term concerns. I would hazard a guess that between the 2 of you, you will see your Mom and Dad OK.