Lil Spill

July 17, 2013

I am visiting my parents. My dad has terminal cancer and hospice has come in for his final months. These are excepts of our conversations.
Dad ” jackson looks more like you then Tony”
Mom ” but he has Tony’s eyelashes”
Dad ” but he still looks more like Liliana”
Mom” but thank god he’s got Tony’s lashes”
New topic
Dad ” why didn’t you bring your big marine boyfriend ?”
Me” we broke up almost a year ago.”
Dad ” I liked Trey. Wait , almost a year ago. So why didn’t you bring your new boyfriend.”
Me ” well I have gone on a million dates but no one long term.”
I then decided to lighten the mood by telling them about some of the funny dates I have been on.
Dad ” did the helicopter guy take you up in his helicopter?”
Me ” no dad”
Dad ” what’s the point of the story then?”
Mom ” how young was the super young guy you went out with.”
Me ” in his twenties”
Mom ” thank god you are exercising . You really need to wear more makeup if you are going to date that young.”
Me ” I will take that under advisement.”
Mom ” I want you to date a sugar daddy. You know I need a new knee replacement.”

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Cora Baker

Hi Liliana - Ronnie and I will arrive on Tues with your Aunt Jean. Hope to see you. Love to your dad and mom! Cora

Liliana Lovell

Thanks. Life is short


Isn't it wonderful how you always remain their children and addressed as such. My Dad passed on 18 months back. He was 97 and still told me what to do and how to get about it. I still talk to him.

michael mallon

hilarious... but so human.

Sherri McFadden

Sorry to hear about your dad Lil. Sherri in Oregon