Just got a call from my son’s dad. ” are you alright?” Yes I am fine. It appears that Jackson called him up and said ” dad I am worried about mom. She bought all this ice cream and chocolate and made herself a huge sundae. She only eats like that when she is upset.” That is funny. I was off my game yesterday. Some stressful work stuff coupled with some stressful personal stuff. Not only did I eat the big sundae but at the same time I ate soy crisp crackers with Boursin cheese. And for whatever reason I feel better today. ( I did double my workout this morning out of guilt. ) But I am back on my game.
Mother Fucking Powerhouse!

Chantel and I are doing the Rock and Roll half Marathon in New Orleans. It’s at the end of February. I am definitely not in running condition for a half marathon. I could do 4-5 miles but my already broken foot couldnt handle 13. I need to start getting myself together. Start pushing myself and see how far I can actually go.
Daniel is on a 16 day no drinking program. Good for him. I bet he drops a few pounds. Have to go out to Vegas and start planning the Tokyo trade show. We, when I say We , I mean Lee has a lot of work to do .

Out of lemons comes lemonade. Woke up today stressed about my personal life and also a work item that is turning sour. Fuck it. I allowed myself to feel bad for half the day , now I am fine. As a mother fucking powerhouse, I have the power to change things.
Jackson has the biggest pimple I have ever seen on his nose. It’s commanding me to pop it. But he won’t allow me to

Finally recuperated. New Orleans is starting to get crowded for the Super Bowl . Poor Maya cut 4 tendons on her hand. That really stinks.
Nothing new

Kevin sent this letter to everyone in corporate. Wow so moving.

Yesterday we celebrateed 20 years! Its been 20 years since the birth of our company. How many bars can say that?!?? It just baffles me to think about that. I have been with Coyote Ugly for about half of that and in that time I have laughed and cried. I have made life long friends. I have discovered respect for individuals that caught me by surprise. I have been taught by our brand and its employes the very definition of tenacity. I have seen people discover new self limits under great stress. I have been inspired by our leadership. I’ve learned that a good CUS manager, guy or girl, always has Tampons on hand. This company has sent me to China, Dubai, Australia, London, El Salvador, Russia, Canada and Mexico. It’s been the single biggest learning experience I’ve ever had. We are now 20 years strong! I look forward to the next 20! Thank you so much for the ride!

Last night’s conversation with Daniel ” this is the best anniversary ever! We rock!”
This morning’s conversation with Daniel ” please lord kill me quickly, I am never drinking again” . Daniel’s retort ” Lil i just vomited in my mouth and swallowed it.” So far the count is 7 people from corporate completely unbearably hungover and 1 fine in her bed happy as a clam.
Last night was incredible. Of course there were a few snaffoos. Fifteen minutes before opening a cop shows up asking for our garbage decal. I had to sweet talk him so we wouldn’t get fined. Unfortunately I think we only bought a couple of days grace. Then poor Maya cut her hand and had to go to the hospital.
The NY bar kicked ass last night. Elle choreographed an incredible piece for the Rocky Horror picture show and the Bouncers were outstanding doing Sexy and You Know it. Really incredible night

I couldn’t be prouder. The bar was packed the staff was outstanding ! I am so happy. It’s been a long road but looking at the crowd and the staff tonight, it was all worth it!

Big NY 20 year anniversary. Jeremy our merch person was so sick of me asking for spaghetti strap t shirts that he made me 7 for every day of the week. Promised I would wear 1 a day for the next week. Here’s day 1.
20 years . Some great years and some not so great but it has been one hell of a ride!

Just found an app called Don’t Dial. It stops you from drunk dialing. I just installed it knowing that I will be drinking for the next two days in NY. The beauty about being human is knowing that you are wonderful in some things and a complete dumbass in others. I know exactly who I will be blocking phone calls to in the next few days!

Heading to NY tomorrow . Meeting Chris N one of the original bartenders to go shopping and drink a little vino. 20 years. Omg. I spoke with Liz Gilbert today. She worked at the NY bar the first couple of years. ( she wrote Eat , Pray, Love). We came to the conclusion that we are getting old. So be it. At this very moment I feel very happy. I think I found the leather pants I wore to the opening 20 years ago. Dying to see if they still fit? Big weekend

My assistant Judy Had to put her mother in a hospital today. My friend Jill had to put her father in a hospital today. Judy, born and raised in Louisiana . Jill born and raised in Jersey.
Judy: ” so sad to see all the sick people. I felt so sorry for everyone”
Jill: ” Look I know they are all sick but why do they have to moan so loudly?”
So much love for mankind. LOL

Everything was going great today. Everything was falling into place perfectly. Why did I go online and check my stocks? What a mistake! Painful