Lil Spill

January 27, 2013

Last night’s conversation with Daniel ” this is the best anniversary ever! We rock!”
This morning’s conversation with Daniel ” please lord kill me quickly, I am never drinking again” . Daniel’s retort ” Lil i just vomited in my mouth and swallowed it.” So far the count is 7 people from corporate completely unbearably hungover and 1 fine in her bed happy as a clam.
Last night was incredible. Of course there were a few snaffoos. Fifteen minutes before opening a cop shows up asking for our garbage decal. I had to sweet talk him so we wouldn’t get fined. Unfortunately I think we only bought a couple of days grace. Then poor Maya cut her hand and had to go to the hospital.
The NY bar kicked ass last night. Elle choreographed an incredible piece for the Rocky Horror picture show and the Bouncers were outstanding doing Sexy and You Know it. Really incredible night

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