Ep 9: It Happened Again?! Nashville Christmas Day Bombing

On December 25, 2020, around 6am, a 63-year-old resident of Nashville named Anthony Warner packed an RV full of explosives based on a conspiracy theory about 5G signals causing his cancer diagnosis. His target? The AT&T building in downtown Nashville. Our biggest Coyote Ugly Saloon just happened to be located across the street…this is what happened.

Kevin, Tommy, and Lizzie, join Lil and Lee for an episode covering the second time a Coyote Ugly was blown up! Grab a drink for this insane story…

Ep 8: Shark, Bear or Bullet?? The WORST dive trip ever!

Dive into an adrenaline-fueled episode of Day Drinking! Lil and Kevin recount their wildest dive trip to Lee! It ends with a Great White decapitating a diver at La Paz, Mexico, which lead to the team questioning this:

What would you rather face? Shark, bear or bullet, let us know what your choice would be! (Vote to see results.)

Grab a cocktail and join us…

Ep 6: Adventures in Trademark Law

Lil and Lee join Jeff (Chief Counsel for Coyote Ugly) and Rob (Trademark Attorney for Coyote Ugly) on some of the wildest law stories you have ever heard. They involve death, amputation, flesh eating bacteria, gangsters and truck BOOMs…all relating to Trademark Infringement and how Lil defends her brand.

Grab a cocktail, pull up a chair and join us! It’s the most interesting podcast you have ever heard with a couple of lawyers talking about their adventures in trademark law.

Ep 5.2: Chantel gets ROASTED by Joel McHale

In part 2 of Chantel’s episode, Lil and Lee talk about her appearance on the MTV network Reality Show, “The Ultimate Coyote Search,” and how she got roasted on “The Soup” with Joel McHale!

Learn how the Coyote Ugly team trains new staff around the world, this time in Bristol, UK.

Plus… Flashback to a Lil Spill from 2003, a big fight between Lil and Lee, firebreathers and more on this installment of Day Drinking!

Don’t miss Part 1!

Ep 2.2: Adventures with Kevin

Lil and Lee have Kevin Bailey, Coyote Ugly’s Chief of Design and Development, on the podcast. Listen to them discuss the importance of mindset while expanding their brand internationally.

In Part of 2 of 2 in this episode, Kevin talks about meeting a Prince in Dubai and then having to leave early after the US embassy closed after a terrorist bombing. Watch the full episode on YouTube!

Grab a drink and join us!

And don’t miss Part 1 of this episode!

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Join the dynamic duo, Lil and Lee, as they unravel their 20-year adventure with the legendary COYOTE UGLY bar brand. Get ready for wild tales, behind-the-scenes challenges, and unforgettable characters that shaped their billion-dollar empire.

Dive deep with the one and only Liliana “Lil” Lovell—hear her unfiltered stories firsthand!

From a GQ feature sparking a blockbuster movie to a blog inspiring our hit MTV reality show, our journey’s been epic. And now? The podcast! What incredible paths will this new adventure lead us to? Stay tuned to find out!

Our podcast isn’t just stories. It’s a treasure trove of current events, Coyote Ugly insider updates, and a deep dive into Lil’s most outrageous blog posts. Plus, get exclusive insights into the latest trends shaking up the hospitality world from its most iconic figures.

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Here’s to new adventures! Cheers!

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