Lil Spill

January 27, 2013

Kevin sent this letter to everyone in corporate. Wow so moving.

Yesterday we celebrateed 20 years! Its been 20 years since the birth of our company. How many bars can say that?!?? It just baffles me to think about that. I have been with Coyote Ugly for about half of that and in that time I have laughed and cried. I have made life long friends. I have discovered respect for individuals that caught me by surprise. I have been taught by our brand and its employes the very definition of tenacity. I have seen people discover new self limits under great stress. I have been inspired by our leadership. I’ve learned that a good CUS manager, guy or girl, always has Tampons on hand. This company has sent me to China, Dubai, Australia, London, El Salvador, Russia, Canada and Mexico. It’s been the single biggest learning experience I’ve ever had. We are now 20 years strong! I look forward to the next 20! Thank you so much for the ride!

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