Went out with Lala last night. Too much fun and too much wine. I fell asleep with the tv on and this morning I woke up thinking ” I have to stop taking my Beyaz birth control so I won’t get blood clots”. There is a commercial about getting blood clots from Yaz birth control. I am sure while I was sleeping it came on a hundred times .
Big plans in the world this week. I am very excited about our projects!

Just got Panama City’s numbers. Holy Shit they are rocking!!! Go PC
Ok about to sign in a great great city!!!! Don’t want to jinx it.

My high school friend”s son is Conner in the article
Spring Buzz Cut with Murray Cancer Survivors Follow
Event ID: 8653
Event Details Photo Gallery Donor List Event Updates
Event Date:
May 5, 2012
Start Time:
9:00 am
Molly Spillanes
211 Mamaroneck
Mamaroneck, NY 10543
Top Participants:
Cole S. ($525.00)
Matt P. ($425.00)
Top Teams:
Matt Pisani ($495.00)
Brendan Greaney ($200.00)
Katie Broderick was a normal 2 ½ year old girl when a two year odyssey began one Saturday afternoon. In a span of a few hours she went from a simple chest x-ray to the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital Emergency Room with softball sized tumor surrounding her heart. She was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma and went on to begin a two-year cycle of chemotherapy. Today, Katie is now a nine-year-old 4th grader who proudly proclaims, “I beat cancer”.

Connor Robinson developed a dangerously fast heart rate at the age of 4 weeks. At the emergency room it was discovered that he had a baseball size tumor in his chest pushing on his heart. In addition, the tumor snaked downward along his spinal canal compressing the cord. Thankfully the skilled surgeons at Sloane Kettering were able to remove the entire Neuroblastoma Tumor and he is now an active 3rd grade sports enthusiast.

Katie and Connor are sponsoring SPRING BUZZ CUT WITH MURRAY CANCER SURVIVORS in order to honor and support Pediatric Cancer Research. They both are acutely aware that they are here today enjoying their lives because of donations from families like yours. Please join us on May 5th from 9-11 at Molly Spillane’s in Mamaroneck for a buzz cut. You can join on as an individual or form your own “team” to honor family and friends who have battled cancer.

There is a similar event being hosted at Every Thing Hair on April 26th from 4-8pm for girls who would like to donate their long hair to LOCKS FOR LOVE. It is a group that makes wigs for children with cancer. 1258 Boston Post Road 914-833-9523.

Working out the other day and I heard this woman tell her trainer. ” we need to kick this into high gear, I ‘m on The ” my boyfriend and I broke up, a new man is going to see me naked diet”. Yeah I have been on that diet before too! Lol
Lee had baby yesterday. So precious. Congrats to baby Savvy.

Slow day on the home front. We have about 4 projects looming over us right now. I found out today that Kevin went to scout a location without my approval. “Dude we can’t fit anything else on our plate stop spending money to scout.” We are always looking but we have two huge projects right in front of us and if they get signed that puts us into a holding pattern with architects, licenses etc. Its nice being busy.
My son had placement tests for his new school. ( going to a new one next year) The placement tests were in math and languages . His french placement test was an essay about who in the world you admire and why? Well when I asked him later how it went he said that he had aced it. Ok who did you write about ? “Mom Masashi Kissimoto ( excuse spelling). Jackson, Who the hell is that? “mom he is the author and illustrator for Naruto my favorite anime.” ” Well Ms Lovell most kids write about one of their parents or a great figure in history. At least your child is an original thinker.” They seemed very impressed with his french so he did well regardless of subject.

Ok just for the record, I played my first game of beer pong at the New Orleans bar. So boring. When you suck it takes a really long time.
Both Milwaukee and New Orleans have the same problem. The problem is that the girls have forgotten how to socialize with customers like old fashioned bartenders. There is no energy between the bartender and customer that creates the “Cheers effect”. They are so brainwashed into thinking ” dance, make drink, get on mic ” that they have forgotten friendly conversation can go a long way.
I had a girl fired last night. Normally , it’s a deep discussion between the GM myself and the regional. But after weeks of hearing negative comments about this particular girl and going in myself to see how disconnected she was from her job I told Jazz to fire her mid shift. Harsh I know but this acceptance by the managers of mediocrity is not acceptable . I had David in Denver fire a girl as well. ” ok she wasn’t at any dance rehearsals, she is dressed in a camouflage shirt for 80’s night and if my instincts are correct there is some substance abuse issues in her past. Just get rid of her.
Regarding the camouflage, I guess camouflage attire can fit into almost any decade? Lol
Now the drug issue. Even if a person has been clean for years there is a residual bad aura that emanates off of them. On a personal level I wish people the best . But on a professional leveli can’t take chances of bringing that negative element into the bars.

Predicament ! I have had a stressful day at work. Jackson is at his dad’s. I am going out to dinner with Chantel. She is pregnant and doesn’t drink. Here’s the predicament Can I drink a bottle of wine by myself and not feel bad? Lol I know the answer and I have decided 2 glasses is acceptable.
Trey and I were joking about this predicament and he said as the song says ” tequila makes the clothes come off” . Well my friend you don’t want me to drink tequila unless I get a Hall Pass

San Antonio and NY were the top two ringers yesterday. Tahnee in NY is an incredible salesman. Doesn’t matter what shift she works it’s always good. Her Tuesday nights , by herself and I do not add no second bartender, are better then most Tuesdays at the bigger bars. You rock Tahnee!

Small bars rocked last night. New Orleans, New York, Memphis, and OKC! Nice to see such high numbers from the little guys. Jeff and I negotiating a few lease renewals. Fun

I am so sad I am going to miss tomorrows opening in Yekaterinburg, Russia tomorrow. The last two weeks I feel off kilter. I went to the orthopedist and this is what he said after he pressed really hard on my broken sesamoid bone ( in a very southern accent) ” let me guess your foot starting feeling better after I treated you last time . So you stopped wearing your prescription orthopedics. Wow You look smarter then you are cause you don’t have a new broken bone , you are tearing up the broken bone you already have.” but why does it hurt on the opposite side of my foot”. ” because your putting more weight on the opposite side cause you are an idiot . But The pain that feels like a broken bone is your tendon jumping back and forth over your ankle” ” shit is that bad ?” ” you northerners aren’t too swift. Of course it’s bad. But it’s your own damn fault”

Just saw an ad for Zac Efron’s new movie. Can ibe arrested for the thoughts I am having about him?
Big day at the orthopedist tomorrow! Hoping that I am such a good healer that I will be back at the gym soon!
Bars sucked this weekend . Except San Antonio.

In the midst of feeling horribly sorry for myself , my dad was rushed to the hospital. He has COPD and sometimes he really can’t breathe. So scary. I can’t imagine feeling like you are suffocating. He was definitely depressed today when I talked to him . Watching my parents getting older disspells this idea that aging is graceful. That’s a beautiful dream but aging isn’t graceful. I think the best you can do is come to peace with the deterioration of your own body.
Yesterday while having my pity party, two people laughed at my fractured foot and said ” well I can’t lie it gives me joy that you can’t work out so hard.” I found that so mean. Yes I work out all the time but it’s probably more for my brain then my body. So last night I let myself feel bad and this morning I woke up and my first thoughts ” fuck them, I can figure out work outs.” so today I did 200 sit ups, I perched my legs on the big ball and did 100 push ups . Then I did 15 minutes just using arms on the rowing machine. ” screw you haters”
Our Russian partners are letting me postpone until I see the orthopedist. Hopefully he can create some contraption that can keep me safe for the trip. I wonder if he can match the height of the cast to some incredible stilettos? Lol

Sitting in ER. Just had my foot X-ray ed. “I couldn’t see a break in your foot but I am sure it is fractured and the X-ray isn’t showing it” well Doc what about tendinitis ? ” no it’s fractured, you need a specialist for ultrasound” doc it’s Easter no one is working” fUCK! I convinced him to give me a boot instead of a cast because I am supposed to go to Russia on Monday. Fuck
On a side note. A man came into the ER with a gun shot wound to the groin. He was calm. Talking to the admitting nurse like he was asking directions.

Another anniversary down. The Milwaukee anniversary wasn’t as full as I would of liked. Ernie is the new GM there and doesn’t have the connections yet to secure a great turn out . Mellinda, Daniel, Ernie and I had a great time just laughing. I told Ernie that we can plan a big DO OVER party in the summer. At one point I looked around and I felt like I was in a 3 show tv episode. You had the Big Bang Theory type guys. Then there was the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader types . And to top it off there were the regulars who could be plucked out of the movie Barfly.
Thanks for the beautiful sketch!