Lil Spill

April 19, 2012

Ok just for the record, I played my first game of beer pong at the New Orleans bar. So boring. When you suck it takes a really long time.
Both Milwaukee and New Orleans have the same problem. The problem is that the girls have forgotten how to socialize with customers like old fashioned bartenders. There is no energy between the bartender and customer that creates the “Cheers effect”. They are so brainwashed into thinking ” dance, make drink, get on mic ” that they have forgotten friendly conversation can go a long way.
I had a girl fired last night. Normally , it’s a deep discussion between the GM myself and the regional. But after weeks of hearing negative comments about this particular girl and going in myself to see how disconnected she was from her job I told Jazz to fire her mid shift. Harsh I know but this acceptance by the managers of mediocrity is not acceptable . I had David in Denver fire a girl as well. ” ok she wasn’t at any dance rehearsals, she is dressed in a camouflage shirt for 80’s night and if my instincts are correct there is some substance abuse issues in her past. Just get rid of her.
Regarding the camouflage, I guess camouflage attire can fit into almost any decade? Lol
Now the drug issue. Even if a person has been clean for years there is a residual bad aura that emanates off of them. On a personal level I wish people the best . But on a professional leveli can’t take chances of bringing that negative element into the bars.

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