Lil Spill

April 23, 2012

Slow day on the home front. We have about 4 projects looming over us right now. I found out today that Kevin went to scout a location without my approval. “Dude we can’t fit anything else on our plate stop spending money to scout.” We are always looking but we have two huge projects right in front of us and if they get signed that puts us into a holding pattern with architects, licenses etc. Its nice being busy.
My son had placement tests for his new school. ( going to a new one next year) The placement tests were in math and languages . His french placement test was an essay about who in the world you admire and why? Well when I asked him later how it went he said that he had aced it. Ok who did you write about ? “Mom Masashi Kissimoto ( excuse spelling). Jackson, Who the hell is that? “mom he is the author and illustrator for Naruto my favorite anime.” ” Well Ms Lovell most kids write about one of their parents or a great figure in history. At least your child is an original thinker.” They seemed very impressed with his french so he did well regardless of subject.

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