We are officially 5k runners! My first 5k ever. My sisters family smoked us . My nephew was a rock star and came in 6th out of 137 men. My sister would of been in the top 10 women but she took a wrong turn and ran the half marathon course. My brother in law came in 32. Then Jackson beat Trey and I . 12 years old and he came in 57th against all the men. He came in 1st against kids under 13. Trey won’t tell me his rank but somewhere after Jackson. ( poor thing remembers the old days in the marines when he ran 3 miles under 19 minutes) Those days are over. I came in last of my whole family but I was so happy to finish. I came in 82nd out of 240 women who entered. Really I was so proud of myself. Jackson and I are entering another one next weekend. When he grows a little , he will be a real contender! Great day for charity

“I lost a bet and I need to go to your bar and lick the barmaids toes” . That’s no bet that’s straight fetish! Yes the OKC manager received this request yesterday. The guy didn’t show up. If you are into licking toes make it from a person wearing sandals. These girls are in sweaty socks and boots all day. I don’t know what disease you would catch but you don’t lick fungus filled toes and walk away infection free.

You are freaking kidding me? We are training an employee from Nashville for the Austin AM job. She supposedly misread her itinerary and missed her flight. Again, You are freaking kidding me? Not a stellar start.

My sister and family are coming to New Orleans for jackson’s birthday. She signed up the whole family to do a 5K charity run in the french quarter. Now she just sent me a link to www.toughmudder.com because she is going to enter. What the fuck? When did I become the weak link? The world has rolled over on its axis! I was always the strong one. Now I am the pansy!


Tough Mudder will punish you, no matter your shape or size or current level of fitness. As such, we encourage all Mudders to increase their physical training in anticipation of the event. That said, the event is as much about mental toughness, grit, and camaraderie (and having a great time) as anything physical.

In terms of what you are looking at: each Tough Mudder course will have 10-12 miles of hills, mud, water, ropes, walls, electric shocks, and of course, fire. Check out the course map for the specific event(s) in which you’re enlisted to learn more.”

Electric shocks? Fire? What is this a Terminator movie?

This email just made my whole day!

Wanted to take a second to say thank you for the bonus I received.  All
formality aside I fucking love my job 7 years later and to this day am
still excited to come to work everyday with a new challenge in front of
me.  Thank you for everything you have done and the opportunities I have
been given while working for you, its been an amazing journey so far with
more to come I am sure!!

I had an over the phone psychic reading today. Of course there is the part of you that thinks its a hoax but there is another part that is waiting for some real intuitive advice.
There were no thunderbolts. No ” you will win lotto” moments. From the first minute on the phone unto the closing it was this ” If you don’t start sleeping your health is in jeopardy.” Sleep and nature are what you need. When your health is better things will align in other ways” ” also don’t date men who drink too much”LOL
I didn’t tell her this but in the last 7 days I have only slept through the night once. In fact I have been living on 3-4 hours for a while.Interesting.

62-7 Saints versus Colts It was an utter blowout! Holy shit. I felt like cringing every time Painter got the ball. An accident you can’t stop watching .
Go Saints!

All press is good press. This is a first for Coyote History

Courthouse high drama actually just high jinks
5 partying French citizens now face burglary charges
….“Why would a bunch of tourists choose a courthouse to break into? That is the part that’s very hard to reconcile,” First Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg said. “So we’re not taking anything for granted on them and we’re going to be seeking a high bond.”

Sources said the men had been drinking at Coyote Ugly, a downtown bar, before they arrived at the courthouse. At Coyote Ugly, witnesses described them as having a raucous time.

“They kept ordering beer. They didn’t even know what kind, just beer,” said one bartender who asked not to be identified.

5 French guys hung out at Coyote then broke into a courthouse. Omg. The news is all over the French press wires as well. Just when you think things are normally life throws you a curve ball

Indian Food rocks in London. Jeff and I went to Brick Lane ( area where Jack the Ripper Murdered prostitutes). This street has about twenty Indian restaurants. It was so delicious I have never tasted Indian food to rival what we had last night! Unfortunately we spent most of our time at the convention center but yesterday I wandered around Nottinghill for a couple hours . Very productive trip . I love London. Home in New Orleans tonight .

What can go wrong will go wrong. We used Fedex Freight to ship our booth to London. Lee tried to track our packages with no avail. He called 4 people to finally get the verdict that we hadn’t paid for customs . ” why didn’t your company explain that we needed to pay an extra customs fee?” well it gets worse. Monday is Thr only setup day. Of course fedex didn’t get our stuff delivered on Monday. They even had it delivered to the wrong station in England. Tuesday morning we sat with nothing at our booth until 1 pm when our booth finally got there then we had to set up. My boyfriend works at Fedex Ground which I have always had good luck with. I will never use Fedex Freight again!

Ok well now we are up and running . Let’s see if we can generate some business .
3 nights 2 hours sleep. Migraine!


Omg I am drinking champagne while sitting in a massage chair! This is so much better then being crunched in coach for 9 hours! I used all my points. Damn I need to earn more points before my next overseas flight. Jackson will be so jealous. Our 24 hour trip to Thailand was in middle seats on the back of the plane.
I am trying not to look too giddy! This is awesome.

Holla! Sitting in the Delta President’s Club watching the Saints! That’s what using all your miles for an upgrade gets you. I am about 13 hours away from landing in London!

This is from Miami the AM of Nashville ” Other than that, I am truly awesome……My managing skills are only surpassed by my great looks, and parenting……..I really am, well, just super frikkin impressed with myself…AWESOME SHIFT……2nd best Friday weve ever done not including fanfare…..”
Miami you rock