Lil Spill

October 22, 2011

All press is good press. This is a first for Coyote History

Courthouse high drama actually just high jinks
5 partying French citizens now face burglary charges
….“Why would a bunch of tourists choose a courthouse to break into? That is the part that’s very hard to reconcile,” First Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg said. “So we’re not taking anything for granted on them and we’re going to be seeking a high bond.”

Sources said the men had been drinking at Coyote Ugly, a downtown bar, before they arrived at the courthouse. At Coyote Ugly, witnesses described them as having a raucous time.

“They kept ordering beer. They didn’t even know what kind, just beer,” said one bartender who asked not to be identified.

5 French guys hung out at Coyote then broke into a courthouse. Omg. The news is all over the French press wires as well. Just when you think things are normally life throws you a curve ball

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