3 hours on a plane with my son and his close friend .
” I am going to cut your eyes out and shove them up a sumo wrestler’s butt” ” well I am goimg to sew your mouth to the sumo wrestler’s butt and feed him Mexican food” ” well boys I am going to sew half your mouths to each other then sew the remainder on a sumo wrestler’s butt and feed him Indian food with a ton of dairy”
Take note that they both go to excellent excellent schools.

When did Pictionary get so hard? Theydont just have single words they have phrases. ” two ships that pass in the night”. Jackson and his friend were funny. ” what does that even mean?” lol

God damn it! I actually have to put on my glasses to write this. This is when aging sucks .
Nashville rocking this weekend. Got some cool stuff going on. I am excited for the London trade show next week. The Russians found a fourth location for Coyote. Outstanding. Well it’s sad but the Korean Coyote Ugly
Musical closed down . I would lOve a copy of the production for my scrapbook

One of the greatest minds of all time died today. Steve Jobs founder of Apple computer passed away. I can honestly say he was a hero to me. Rest in peace.

I went into this chic hair salon asking to dye my hair to look like this particular Penelope Cruz picture. Well she must of been color blind because I walked out looking like this other photo. I very rarely freak about my hair, on the theory that it will grow out. Well I freaked this time. I had to go back and get it fixed.

I am visiting Trey in Lafayette Louisiana. The whole town is freaky. The people here act and dress like they are in Beverly Hills. Really? Does Jennifer Anniston and Kim Kardashian secretly live here? Is this the Palm Springs of Louisiana? Just imagine Housewives of …. Then add on the Hillbilly hand fishing accent.

Run to the store, Cara from OKC is in Playboy this month! Playboy and the Coyote Ugly Calendar, she’s a superstar. I don’t care if you would or wouldn’t pose nude. Every girl has a fantasy about at least being asked and being thought of in that sexy way. Do you practice posing nude in front of the mirror? ” mr photographer my right butt cheek is so much better then my left” I read an article that Bellinda Carlyle was asked to do Playboy. She was supposed to lose weight but showed up at the shoot very heavy. They had to photoshop inches upon inches on her. ” is she heavy or is she Rubinesque?”

I have no idea what Davidoff Cool Water is but after seeing their ad with Paul Walker I am hooked. Holy shit he is hot! My god . One night just one night! I bet I would be chicken . 3 1/2 years with the same guy. Damn I used to be a player! Lol
My god I am having a great work day

“Jackson finish your homework!” ” Mom your movie is on and I think I am ready to watch it.” We turn it on for 10 seconds. ” Mom I think you should be really ticked off that you aren’t the main character”. ” Great now lets save the movie for another time and do your homework”
If I was the main character, then it would of been a whole different type of movie my son. And it would of been rated R.
Making miracles happen today

Holla go Saints! I can’t believe the Bills lost today that sucks.
Loving my bars today. My god they rock! In a couple of weeks we are heading to London for a tradeshow . I am pumped to start conquering more of Europe!