Lil Spill

October 31, 2011

We are officially 5k runners! My first 5k ever. My sisters family smoked us . My nephew was a rock star and came in 6th out of 137 men. My sister would of been in the top 10 women but she took a wrong turn and ran the half marathon course. My brother in law came in 32. Then Jackson beat Trey and I . 12 years old and he came in 57th against all the men. He came in 1st against kids under 13. Trey won’t tell me his rank but somewhere after Jackson. ( poor thing remembers the old days in the marines when he ran 3 miles under 19 minutes) Those days are over. I came in last of my whole family but I was so happy to finish. I came in 82nd out of 240 women who entered. Really I was so proud of myself. Jackson and I are entering another one next weekend. When he grows a little , he will be a real contender! Great day for charity

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