Heading to Denver today for the anniversary party. David , the Gm, called me and said he received a peculiar call from the police . The woman wouldnt give detail for her request to meet him. My response : I land at 430 I can bail you out around 5:30. Only kidding ( I hope)

A lot of new girls in the various bars. Unfortunately you can tell which weekday nights are mostly new girls cause the numbers are down. Milwaukee has been doing well at night but freaking horrible during happy hour. I asked the AM a simple question, Do the girls or you managers invite your friends? When I bartender I invited all my friends where I worked to ensure it was busy and I would do well. For god sakes you can’t ask 5 people each to come in during happy hour to get things going? Let me guess, typical to this generation. It’s my ” coyote ugly” responsibility to make every shift great and they shouldn’t have to do anything. Blah blah blah
Yesterday Jackson and I went to the track. It’s 1.75 miles around. He smoked me. When I finally got around he was still jogging in place. He could of gone much longer. I am thinking we should enter a charity 5k. I know he could make it but I am not sure I could keep up.

“Oh what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive. ” something is afoot at the Denver bar. My money is on one of the managers having found alternate employment. If you don’t like Coyote or you were offered more money then just come clean ? No biggie

If I don’t spell check everything and pay 100% attention while my life is crazy around me then I write posts like I was a foreigner having my first English writing assignment. Excuse my earlier post.

Yesterday was the state wrestling championships. I was so nervous . A lot more kids this year. Jackson won 3 and lost 2. He won his very first match and we were feeling confident. The minute I was who he had to compete against his second match , I knew it was over. This kid has been taught to use a lot of illegal moves . I guess the theory is bend the rules try not to break them. He put Jackson in a three quarter Nelson and pinned him pretty quick. Jackson’s coach said to jackson ” you have to roll out of that” Jackson look at me ” really does he think I am not trying to roll out if it?” . Jackson’s next match he pinned the kid in less them a minute. The next match he won as well on points. He was down 4-3 with only a few seconds left and he did some moves ( no idea what they are called) and beat the kid 7-4. During the time we were waiting we were just chatting and we happened to catch a match with the really aggressive kid that pinned Jackson. This match was nuts. The killer kid was dominating this kid but actually down on points and he lost. Killer the. Started crying like a girl. Jackson was kid of happy about that but then A lightbulb turned on and he said ” mom does that mean I have to wrestle him again?” I said yes. We both just looked at each other and started laughing.

It’s so sad about Elizabeth Taylor. If you look at her in pictures throughout her life, it’s astounding how beautiful she was.
Ok I bought the zero point nano wand. Supposedly through the minerals in the wand I can create healing and well being. Lol . How do I clean it? Why does it look like a fancy pen? I am a whacko some times

Kevin and I went out with the Memphis staff last night. We had a ball. Poor Ernie, the Gm . Some people just shouldn’t drink. He went from singing karaoke to telling me how much he loved Daniel and Judith. Maybe some of his machinery down there is female cause I swear he might of been on his period. Poor guy his dad had to drive him home ! Lol

What a night. In Milwaukee a huge fight started at the end of our street. It ended in gun fire. The police came and shut all the bars on the street down before midnight. Daniel and some security were outside locking the doors to protect our patrons from the fighting crowd outside and at that moment heard the gunshots . Daniel is definitely shaken up. In All the time we have spent in Milwaukee before we opened the bar and after, we have never seen this kind of crowd on water st. I don’t get it.
On a good note, the bars rocked last night. Milwaukee actually did the best and was closed early.
Yesterday Jackson said to me ” mom tonight can you read to me before bed?” ” of course honey I would love to” ( he’s 11) Bedtime rolls around and we cuddle in bed and I ask him what he wants me to read . ” momma can you read me this book” It ends up that the book he wants me to read him is the instruction manual for the game Dungeons and Dragons. The kid is sly like a fox. I told him to figure out the game on his own last weekend. So last night, because I promised, I ended up reading 5 pages of this manual. Too funny

Lee is killing me today. He is in his late thirties and never admits when he is wrong or just simply says ” I will work on it”. I think it’s the men in corporate cause Daniel and Kevin are exactly the same. But today it’s Lee that’s getting to me. I will admit that I have dropped the ball with NY and New Orleans. NY was so steady I wasn’t paying attention and New Orleans always made excuses. My resolution is to pay more attention. So now I am and if that makes you feel like I am invading your space, so be it!

This is my work day. Myself, Jeff, and Lee had to do taste testing for our Coyote Ugly Whisky and wine. Wow. This is when I can honestly say ” who is better then me” my life rocks today. Fun smelling all the differences. Tasting the good and the bad. The Whisky was unanimous . We all loved one particular Whisky blend! Great money weekend now a fun productive day with great Whisky and wine.

Those poor people in Japan. Earthquake , tsunami, and now a possible nuclear meltdown. I swear I think the Earth is trying to purge itself . I definitely want to donate because after Katrina I know how it feels to be displaced . I really feel horrible for those people

Last year we received a letter from the taxing board of Florida ( don’t remember the exact department) claiming the Ft Lauderdale bar did not post a sign saying ” prices include tax. They charged the bar $100,000. The Lauderdale bar was just breaking even at that point. We had to hire a lawyer and prove that we did have a sign that stated prices include tax. Well even though we proved that the sign had been up for years, they claimed the sign was too small. That tax bill was the end of the Lauderdale bar. We just couldn’t keep up. About a month ago, Jeff the company lawyer told me that there were people willing to pay off the taxes and a little extra. I told him if they were serious then I would sell the bar. For weeks they have been goofing around . I blew it off thinking that it was just a phony offer. So I told the GM, it’s business as usual. Yesterday I received a text from one of the bartenders thanking me for the time she was employed at the Lauderdale bar. I immediately called Jeff ” what the fuck is going on?” after a couple hours proof to us came back that the buyers had in fact gone and paid our taxes. We had to hand over the keys at that moment. I am sick over it! I knew for years that we needed to move the bar but the attempts Lee and Daniel made to find a new location were not successful. I am sorry. Hopefully in the next year we can open up somewhere better. So sorry

The bars did well yesterday. New Orleans came in with the highest numbers but I was shocked that San Antonio wasn’t far off their numbers! Hot damn I love that.

I know the news claims that Mardi GRAS is one of the best ever well we haven’t felt that. All the rain on Friday and Saturday really hurt us. Today is the last day but we are down from last year. Everyone worked their butts off so that’s great. Sorry girls and guys that I didn’t get to see you . Next year I definitely will make sure their will be no travel during that time

You know when you get drunk and the next day you wake up thinking ” who do I have to apologize to ? And I hope I only slightly embarrassed myself”. Well let’s just say I am having that type of morning.