Lil Spill

March 18, 2011

What a night. In Milwaukee a huge fight started at the end of our street. It ended in gun fire. The police came and shut all the bars on the street down before midnight. Daniel and some security were outside locking the doors to protect our patrons from the fighting crowd outside and at that moment heard the gunshots . Daniel is definitely shaken up. In All the time we have spent in Milwaukee before we opened the bar and after, we have never seen this kind of crowd on water st. I don’t get it.
On a good note, the bars rocked last night. Milwaukee actually did the best and was closed early.
Yesterday Jackson said to me ” mom tonight can you read to me before bed?” ” of course honey I would love to” ( he’s 11) Bedtime rolls around and we cuddle in bed and I ask him what he wants me to read . ” momma can you read me this book” It ends up that the book he wants me to read him is the instruction manual for the game Dungeons and Dragons. The kid is sly like a fox. I told him to figure out the game on his own last weekend. So last night, because I promised, I ended up reading 5 pages of this manual. Too funny

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