Lil Spill

March 12, 2011

Last year we received a letter from the taxing board of Florida ( don’t remember the exact department) claiming the Ft Lauderdale bar did not post a sign saying ” prices include tax. They charged the bar $100,000. The Lauderdale bar was just breaking even at that point. We had to hire a lawyer and prove that we did have a sign that stated prices include tax. Well even though we proved that the sign had been up for years, they claimed the sign was too small. That tax bill was the end of the Lauderdale bar. We just couldn’t keep up. About a month ago, Jeff the company lawyer told me that there were people willing to pay off the taxes and a little extra. I told him if they were serious then I would sell the bar. For weeks they have been goofing around . I blew it off thinking that it was just a phony offer. So I told the GM, it’s business as usual. Yesterday I received a text from one of the bartenders thanking me for the time she was employed at the Lauderdale bar. I immediately called Jeff ” what the fuck is going on?” after a couple hours proof to us came back that the buyers had in fact gone and paid our taxes. We had to hand over the keys at that moment. I am sick over it! I knew for years that we needed to move the bar but the attempts Lee and Daniel made to find a new location were not successful. I am sorry. Hopefully in the next year we can open up somewhere better. So sorry

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