Lil Spill

March 29, 2011

A lot of new girls in the various bars. Unfortunately you can tell which weekday nights are mostly new girls cause the numbers are down. Milwaukee has been doing well at night but freaking horrible during happy hour. I asked the AM a simple question, Do the girls or you managers invite your friends? When I bartender I invited all my friends where I worked to ensure it was busy and I would do well. For god sakes you can’t ask 5 people each to come in during happy hour to get things going? Let me guess, typical to this generation. It’s my ” coyote ugly” responsibility to make every shift great and they shouldn’t have to do anything. Blah blah blah
Yesterday Jackson and I went to the track. It’s 1.75 miles around. He smoked me. When I finally got around he was still jogging in place. He could of gone much longer. I am thinking we should enter a charity 5k. I know he could make it but I am not sure I could keep up.

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