If ignorance is bliss why am I the only idiot not happy. Heading to Russia! Missed my first flight cause I am an Idiot! Now I am on the later flight I should arrive in St Petersburg tomorrow at 7 pm. 3 planes to get there!

Awesome this hair charity has gone so well. I want to thank Judith for putting so much work into this!!! You don’t even work for us anymore and you have gone above and beyond for this event!!! Thank you. I also want to thank the kids and parents at Ecole Bilingue of New Orleans. Some of the kids cut their hair and the moms came and cut their hair. Just great. I am sure all the bars have their stories. San Antonio has gotten over 240 inches of hair so far!! My hair has not been this short in years. Jackson has no idea what he started. He is already growing his hair out to donate again. I have an AWESOME kid!

They want to do a live webcam of my hair getting cut for the Children with Hairloss charity event on Sunday . Jackson said to me yesterday ” mom your hair is going to be really short after this” . I will look chic for Russia. Monday I fly out so chantel’s cousin is coming down to cut our hair on Sunday at the new Orleans bar. Quite a few people, kids and adults, from Jackson’s school will also be donating their hair on sunday. ” for everyone who is donating their hair on Sunday , thank you. Also here’s my one tip in case you end up with a bad haircut, put a ton of makeup on!

I don’t understand it. How does a manager who knows that their bar is in the slow season order $9000 worth of merch. When the brain is processing right and wrong how did this come up on the Right side? Really, why not call your regional manager and discuss it first? What the fuck. I wish this manager would try and communicate better. This is really a horrendous mistake!
Every year it seems that we take more away from the GM’s and corporate gains the responsibility. My god in my day the GM did everything. The bar was ” your bar”. You paid rent, you made deals, you staffed. Every aspect of running a business was in your hands. Now we keep on taking away responsibilties at the bar level. There are so many ways that managers get conned. SALESMAN:” well if you take in 2 cases of ” Tastes Like Shit Tequila” we will give you 1 case Of ” MAKES YOU WANT TO PUKE ” Vodka.” ! Do you know how hard it is to train these people not to jump at that? Lesson 1 in life: if you don’t have enough coming in then you wont have enough to pay out! really are these hard concepts. What drives me the most nuts is when they dont do the responsible thing and ask before they do something. Yes I can fire them but I am still stuck paying the bill. URGH

I exercise 6 days a week. I freaking eat healthier then anyone I know. And I keep my alchohol intake to one glass of wine a day. ( except anniversary parties, and mardi gras) what the fuck!! I am so sick. I have been sick for three days now. Some women wrote to us about how poorly her husband and her had been treated at one of the bars. Well I am sorry. Didn’t realize your husband was mentally handicapped! We asked him 4 times to stop rubbing your groin when you were on the bar” Hearing problem? So fucking sick of these people. “Let me guess, we will be hearing from your lawyer. Well let me save you the trouble, do you want the video of you and your husband making asses of yourself now ? or do you want to pay thousands of dollars to a lawyer and have him show you the video? Your call” I am in a pissy mood!”

The bars are doing so well! hot damn. I was looking at the logs. There is a girl named Chevy in Austin. In Denver there is a girl they call Disney. I wonder if these are real names?
Jackson and I are going on a volunteer program to help Elephants in Thailand. I am so excited! I have decided that I am willing to sell things or downsize to keep traveling. I love exploring the world with my son. Things are going back up but the economy hit me as well and I realize that I will sacrifice things to make sure we can always explore the world! Good bye motorcycle

” Lilianita, Jackson forgot Grandfathers day yesterday. Your sister’s kids didn’t forget.” You are freaking kidding me! Ashton where are you cause I must be getting punked! I just texted my sister. ” you are already the favorite come on!” LOL I can’t win

I am exhausted ! Freaking Daniel called two times after midnight. Once your woken up it’s so hard to go back to sleep.
There is a person, I won’t name names, it obviously unhappy about his current project. What he claims is “so hard” took me literally 1 minute to complete. Come on? That’s pathetic

Another crazy day in New Orleans. It felt like the Superbowl all over again. Thanks Bud. They gave me sick tickets! The energy before the game was totally insane. The sound was thunderous. So happy we won! I will say that I was disappointed that Brett didn’t make a better game of it. Also Hartley our kicker really fucked up!! Regardless, just a great day in New Orleans.

My god! Had to do another visa application to go to St Petersburg, Russia. The questions are grueling. Thank god I have owned Coyote for a long time. Who the hell remembers the jobs that they have had in the last 20 years!
Obama is proposing a 100% tax write off for small and middle size businesses for equipment improvements! Holla. If this goes through I can’t wait to fix up the bars! Awesome!

I got a call earlier from my dentist. Seems they are closing early to celebrate Saints opening game on Thursday. Well I just found out that half the stores in New Orleans are also closing early to celebrate the start of the 2010 NFL season. This city is nuts! Gotta love it.

Hot damn the bars did awesome this weekend. Budweiser got me two tickets to see the opening Saints game on Thursday!! Who Dat! Yesterday I had all these baby wishes from seeing how beautiful and precious Lee’s little girl is. I told my friend how I was feeling and she said ” whenever you feel like you want a baby, go over to someone’s house who has a 6 month old. Spend most of the day listening to the crying and whining and believe me you will instantly realize your being an idiot even thinking about another child!”