Lil Spill

September 21, 2010

I don’t understand it. How does a manager who knows that their bar is in the slow season order $9000 worth of merch. When the brain is processing right and wrong how did this come up on the Right side? Really, why not call your regional manager and discuss it first? What the fuck. I wish this manager would try and communicate better. This is really a horrendous mistake!
Every year it seems that we take more away from the GM’s and corporate gains the responsibility. My god in my day the GM did everything. The bar was ” your bar”. You paid rent, you made deals, you staffed. Every aspect of running a business was in your hands. Now we keep on taking away responsibilties at the bar level. There are so many ways that managers get conned. SALESMAN:” well if you take in 2 cases of ” Tastes Like Shit Tequila” we will give you 1 case Of ” MAKES YOU WANT TO PUKE ” Vodka.” ! Do you know how hard it is to train these people not to jump at that? Lesson 1 in life: if you don’t have enough coming in then you wont have enough to pay out! really are these hard concepts. What drives me the most nuts is when they dont do the responsible thing and ask before they do something. Yes I can fire them but I am still stuck paying the bill. URGH

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