Thank you Nashville for the great weekend numbers!!! Austin did well too. I always save San Antonio’s ,anager’s log for last thinking it will make me very happy to read. Not this weekend. Saturday night was god awful. I was shocked I was looking to see if there was a mistake. Freaking Zombie of Nashville, heavy metal guy,  wrote in the manager’s log that he wished the girls would stop playing lady gaga’s hip hop songs. I wrote him back and said , while I do not buy her music, it’s definitely not hip hop so the girls can play it. Heading to Denver on Thursday! Please don’t let it blizzard like the last 3 times I have been there.

So Jackson qualified to compete in Nationals. We were all set to take him when we found out that parents can not accompany kids on the mat only registered coaches. Well his coach isn’t going and we had no one to ask so we canceled. It’s funny but Jackson was unfazed when we asked him if he wanted to compete. He didn’t seem nervous. He was more annoyed that there was a weigh in and that it involved flying. Well tonight when I told him that we decided not to go the look on his face was pure relief. I had to laugh. I know there is a part of him that would of liked to see how it went but the other part is just done.  I think he is just exhausted from all the practices. 4 times a week. Getting home after 8 at night with homework left to do. I understand, but personally , I am very disappointed.

Jackson is officially the Louisiana State Champion for the 65 lb 10 year old weight class!!!! At the finals it was so great to hear so many people cheering for him. He really crushed everyone. His second match was the closest in points and Jackson beat the kid by 10 points. I have video of the one of the kids  crying while he was wrestling Jackson.  Jackson’s Nemesis, we call him ” the joker” had to move up in weight class so Jackson didn’t get to wrestle him. I knew he wasn’t under 65lbs. You could tell the kid was upset about not getting to face Jackson again. He kept on watching all of Jackson’s matches. I actually watched one of his matches and the kid is a serious competitor. The mean competitor in me was thinking ” too bad kid . You were undefeated until you faced Jackson. ” Jackson is such a nice person in comparison to myself and his dad. ” Awesome Jackson you crushed that kid and made him cry.” ” Mom he tried his hardest. I am sorry he cried.”

San Antonio and Denver great night last night. Denver’s anniversary party is next week and they are doing an Alice in Wonderland theme night. Should be interesting!! I need to get back out to the bars. I need to go to OKC. We just found a spot in Madison that looks great. Cross my fingers. Jackson used this computer yesterday and the keys are sticky and the screen has handprints all over it. Last week the H didn’t work. Today the Y doesn’t work. Good Grief.

Tomorrow are the wrestling state championship in Louisiana. I am very worried about the weigh in. My son’s whole life he has heard me ” Jackson you need to eat more. You’re never going to grow if you don’t eat.” This morning I weighed him and he was about 1 1/2 lbs over his previous weigh in weight. That would move him into a new division. Let’s hope my scale is wrong. I feel horrible even thinking like that!!

So far Lee has gotten Oakley and Redbull to help sponsor us for the Hoka Hey Challenge. Nice job!!!

I have no idea today how the bars are doing I need to read my logs for the last few days! 3 more days till Jackson competes in the state wrestling tournament!!! I am so excited about it!!!

A lot going on. So many projects

Ok stop laughing PENAL system.

In 5 minutes I managed to fuck up so much. I was multitasking. I was checking and responding to emails, I was faxing documents and I was letting my hair dye set in my hair. Well  I hit a reply all button instead of just reply and sent a big big company an email that was definitely not for their eyes. I did not realize this until I got a text from Lee ” lil why did you send that email to so and so as well” So now I am scrambling to fix my mistake. I wrote an apology letter and sent it, then I realized I had gone 15 minutes over the haircolor time and looked in the mirror to see horrible dye stains all over my neck and hands. I then scramble to the shower which I forgot had just been re-caulked and ruined all the new caulking. I actually just started laughing because ” what the fuck, sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. ” Very humbling. Thank god this is semipermanent color . My neck and hands should look clean in about 20 showers!!!!

A lot going on today. Everyone knows how excited I am about Cancun!! That bar will be awesome!! We are trying to secure the space in Milwaukee and possibly one in Pittsburgh. We also got a call about a space in Madison. We are going to be busy this year!  I am the worst when we are slow, I am slow. I am so much more productive when we are busy. I definitely thrive on it.

We had a conference call about credit card usage with the corporate employees. The outrage ” Lil , no more starbucks! OMG” Jeff was joking around saying that it seems that the only person who makes timely payments to us is our old GM who is in jail for armed robbery of our Denver bar. A credit to the Colorado penile system cause Every month we get our check on time!!!

Just got back from Milwaukee. We found an awesome space there. It was St. Patrick’s day and the street was packed with people partying! Ca ching!!!

Two issues last night. Construction on 2nd Ave in Nashville is killing business. Urgh that makes me very unhappy.

Daniel called me at 9 pm last night. Half of the electricity at the Lauderdale bar went out. Man that bar can’t catch a break!!!

What a day!! Sent out Cancun Investor package. Heading to Milwaukee to do a final run through on our space. Had a meeting with Chantel and Kat( new orleans GM). Signed a deal with Casino for the girls to work during Sturgis. We are rocking and a rolling today!!

My i-phone has not worked properly in months. I could make calls but no internet, no emails, no visual voicemeail. Yesterday I was told by ATT to go to the apple store. I went to the apple store and they could not figure out the problem so they gave me a new phone. Great, I thought, but the new phone had the same problems as the old phone. Today I stood for 2 hours while the sales assistant tried to figure out why I couldn’t get 3g or edge. Finally they figured it out. When I was in Moscow I went over my data limit and they automatically canceled my services except for regular calling usage. Finally I can get my emails!! Too bad the Coyote Server sucks and it is virtually impossible to get my emails on that account!

I had one of the best weekends of my life. Trey gave me a ring! Do you believe that? Believe me I am shocked.  We are calling it a committment ring maybe in 3 years that will change but right now he live far away and we need to work on living closer.

This weekend was probably one of the best weekends of my life. Saturday Jackson had a wrestling tournament. We kept on talking about how he could do better then 3rd place and get first. He kept On saying all week. ” I will come in 2nd!!” I said ” Jackson you can come in first. We will love you regardless, but you are just as good as the #1 kid. Go for it!!” Well he went for it and got 1st place this weekend. He was so excited. For the first time ever, I saw real pride. He has always been like ferdinand the bull , not that worried about it. I couldn’t of been prouder!! Sunday, we had the best day. Jackson and I went bike riding, we read books, we played games, we washed my car. Really a perfect weekend. Now like the psycho I am , I am obsessed with the States in 2 weeks. WE WILL CONQUER!!!

I found this article very interesting. As a parent I know I would not want a picture of my daughter’s naked , abused, dead body exposed to the public. But as I read this article and started to view the different legal angles I am undecided on how I feel bout this issue. I have no doubt that the fact these pictures were going to be displayed in Hustler, a famous x rated magazine, versus a magazine like Life or Time has a lot to do with the legal battle that has ensued.

By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN
Video: Murder pics in porn magazine?Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) — Photos of the nude and decapitated body of a murdered hiker, sought by a writer on assignment for Hustler magazine, will not be released, a judge in Georgia ordered Wednesday.
The decision came as state lawmakers considered legislation that would ban public release of graphic photos of crime victims. First Amendment lawyers say the legislation could have a chilling effect on open records requests.
DeKalb Superior Court Judge Daniel Coursey issued an order restraining the Georgia Bureau of Investigation from releasing “any and all photographs, visual images or depictions of Meredith Emerson which show Emerson in an unclothed or dismembered state.”
Emerson’s family sought the order after learning of the request for copies of crime scene photos of the 24-year-old, attorney Lindsay Haigh said. Emerson’s admitted killer, Gary Michael Hilton, received a life sentence in exchange for leading investigators to her body in the north Georgia mountains on January 7, 2008, six days after Emerson disappeared.
The judge’s order came on the same day the Georgia House Governmental Affairs Committee unanimously passed “The Meredith Emerson Memorial Privacy Act,” which would prevent gruesome crime scene photos from being publicly released or disseminated, according to Rep. Jill Chambers, the bill’s principal sponsor.
House Bill 1322 would prevent the release of photographs of the bodies of crime victims that are “nude, bruised, bloodied or in a broken state with open wounds, a state of dismemberment or decapitation,” said Chambers.
“We have to walk the line between open record laws and the constitutional provisions that allow women to be able to be photographed nude or in pornography when they knowingly and willingly offer their bodies for dissemination,” she said.
“Meredith isn’t in a position to give that kind of permission to have her exploited in that kind of venue,” Chambers said. “We’re not only protecting future victims of crime, we’re protecting the integrity of what happened to Meredith.”
The bill allows credentialed journalists, lawyers and law enforcement to view such photographs at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s headquarters, Chambers said, but not make copies of them.
Hustler did not respond to a request for comment on the judge’s ruling except to say that it is exploring its legal options.
“Hustler is aware of the GBI’s refusal to honor its reporter’s request for copies of the Emerson crime scenes photos, which were to be used in a news story about this crime. Hustler and Mr. Flynt disagree with the GBI’s position, and are currently exploring all legal options available to them should the decision be made to go forward with the story,” the company said in an e-mail.
Members of the state Legislature were quick to condemn the request.
“I think that the request is sickening, disgusting, vile and I think it’s very, very hurtful for this family,” House Speaker David Ralston said in a Monday press conference.
Video: Murder pics in porn magazine?
Meredith Emerson
Hustler Magazine Inc.
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
First Amendment Rights
Current statute prevents the release of autopsy photos without the permission of next of kin, but a “gray area” in the law left open the question of whether crime scene photos could be released, Ralston said.
“I am a big proponent of open government. This goes against the grain for me. But in this case, when you have these kind of photographs that depict victims of crime where there may have been sexual assault or mutilation of the body, I just think it goes beyond the pale,” he said. “We’re going to narrow it to those situations so we don’t have this kind of situation again where we pause and wonder is this something we have to release or not.”
“Meredith was a daughter, a friend and a mentor to many. She lived life to its fullest and was taken from us deliberately and maliciously,” her family said on, the charity Web site established in Emerson’s memory.
“Her family and friends live everyday with this tragedy and to know that the possibility of any images, other than those that portray the beautiful, young woman we knew, could be disclosed to the public or may be published would bring further stress and unnecessarily added grief over what is already too much sadness to bear.”
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation promptly denied Hustler’s request, agency spokesman John Bankhead said.
“There’s no public interest served by these photographs being publicly displayed,” he said. “The negative impact on surviving friends and family would be horrific. They had to go through this with the death so to have to go through it again with the pictures ending up on Internet would be incredible.”
First Amendment lawyers are watching the outcome of this lawsuit and the bill.
“The photos are awful, but it’s also awful to see pictures of people in wars, soldiers fighting or the victims of wars,” said New York attorney Martin Garbus. “I don’t think there should be any kind of censorship because of awfulness.”
Garbus surmised that privacy laws could be applied in this instance but cautioned that even such laws could be considered limitation of free speech.
“I don’t think you can make it into a narrow context. If you look at a picture of a Sudanese kid starving to death, or people dying in Haiti, those are invasions of privacy. Pictures of people alive in tortuous situations in some other country are just as bad as pictures of disfigured corpses in the United States.”

This is how I spent my freaking day!! About a month and a half ago I found a condo in Pensacola Beach. It was cheap and already furnished. I called my current mortgage lender and asked for a very very small mortgage for this condo. Within the first week, I was verbally given an approval. Well over a month had gone by then I hear from a different agent at this huge establishment and they start asking for financial stuff and fillings from all the bars  even asking for tax returns that haven’t been filed yet. Today I called the supervisor and said ” I have told my accountants not to give you any more information. This is ridiculous considering how small the loan is and all the information I have already provided.” 15 minutes later I get a call from another person telling me that Fannie Mae wouldn’t approve the loan because it does not like the wording on the condo associations documents. ” What the fuck!” The closing was supposed to be in 2 days. Now I have to find another mortgage comapny that handles mortgages in Florida for condos. Unbelievable. I am so frustrated.

San Antonio Awesome numbers!!!!!!

Hot damn! It looks like we may have a deal in Milwaukee!!! What a perfect fit for Coyote!!! Again hot damn.

Jeff sent out a corporate email about credit card usage. It definitely got a few people upset, but not the right people. The worst offender out of anyone is Kevin.

I am back on the planet!! Trey took me on a cruise as a Christmas present. We had a blast. My god there is so much food it is frightening. We rented a jeep on Cozumel and had a great time. I can’t believe  I came back lighter then when I left. It was very chilly.I can now with 100% certaininty tell people that ginger pills do prevent seasickness!! More later

Last night Jeff W said to me ” my wife and I had to go to this horrible city in NY called Yonkers. Have you ever been there?” ” Jeff I grew up there.” ” Well we were in this horrible neighborhood on Midland ave. Have you ever been there?” ” Jeff I lived until I was 12 on Midland Ave.” ” Sorry Lil. Well if you want when we go back down there I can take pictures of your old apartment building?” Lol

Long ass day. Had a deposition today.

This weather is so odd. Its March and its in the 40’s in New Orleans. Normally this time of year its already 70. Ok I am going to decompress.