Lil Spill

March 26, 2010

San Antonio and Denver great night last night. Denver’s anniversary party is next week and they are doing an Alice in Wonderland theme night. Should be interesting!! I need to get back out to the bars. I need to go to OKC. We just found a spot in Madison that looks great. Cross my fingers. Jackson used this computer yesterday and the keys are sticky and the screen has handprints all over it. Last week the H didn’t work. Today the Y doesn’t work. Good Grief.

Tomorrow are the wrestling state championship in Louisiana. I am very worried about the weigh in. My son’s whole life he has heard me ” Jackson you need to eat more. You’re never going to grow if you don’t eat.” This morning I weighed him and he was about 1 1/2 lbs over his previous weigh in weight. That would move him into a new division. Let’s hope my scale is wrong. I feel horrible even thinking like that!!

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