Lil Spill

March 22, 2010

Ok stop laughing PENAL system.

In 5 minutes I managed to fuck up so much. I was multitasking. I was checking and responding to emails, I was faxing documents and I was letting my hair dye set in my hair. Well  I hit a reply all button instead of just reply and sent a big big company an email that was definitely not for their eyes. I did not realize this until I got a text from Lee ” lil why did you send that email to so and so as well” So now I am scrambling to fix my mistake. I wrote an apology letter and sent it, then I realized I had gone 15 minutes over the haircolor time and looked in the mirror to see horrible dye stains all over my neck and hands. I then scramble to the shower which I forgot had just been re-caulked and ruined all the new caulking. I actually just started laughing because ” what the fuck, sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. ” Very humbling. Thank god this is semipermanent color . My neck and hands should look clean in about 20 showers!!!!

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