Lil Spill

March 16, 2010

What a day!! Sent out Cancun Investor package. Heading to Milwaukee to do a final run through on our space. Had a meeting with Chantel and Kat( new orleans GM). Signed a deal with Casino for the girls to work during Sturgis. We are rocking and a rolling today!!

My i-phone has not worked properly in months. I could make calls but no internet, no emails, no visual voicemeail. Yesterday I was told by ATT to go to the apple store. I went to the apple store and they could not figure out the problem so they gave me a new phone. Great, I thought, but the new phone had the same problems as the old phone. Today I stood for 2 hours while the sales assistant tried to figure out why I couldn’t get 3g or edge. Finally they figured it out. When I was in Moscow I went over my data limit and they automatically canceled my services except for regular calling usage. Finally I can get my emails!! Too bad the Coyote Server sucks and it is virtually impossible to get my emails on that account!

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