Lil Spill

March 28, 2010

Jackson is officially the Louisiana State Champion for the 65 lb 10 year old weight class!!!! At the finals it was so great to hear so many people cheering for him. He really crushed everyone. His second match was the closest in points and Jackson beat the kid by 10 points. I have video of the one of the kids  crying while he was wrestling Jackson.  Jackson’s Nemesis, we call him ” the joker” had to move up in weight class so Jackson didn’t get to wrestle him. I knew he wasn’t under 65lbs. You could tell the kid was upset about not getting to face Jackson again. He kept on watching all of Jackson’s matches. I actually watched one of his matches and the kid is a serious competitor. The mean competitor in me was thinking ” too bad kid . You were undefeated until you faced Jackson. ” Jackson is such a nice person in comparison to myself and his dad. ” Awesome Jackson you crushed that kid and made him cry.” ” Mom he tried his hardest. I am sorry he cried.”

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