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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jackson and I just left New Orleans and we are in Raleigh with my family. We had planned this trip about a month ago because I am going to be in Charlotte this weekend and it is a short drive. This morning with the hurricane warnings I packed a lot of extra clothes and a laptop computer. I am not hysterical. Since I have lived in New Orleans we have braved quite a few hurricanes only one having a real devasting effect on the city. But there is a part of me that hates leaving my house. I am more afraid of looters ( sp) then anything. ( I am a bit afraid that my boyfriend’s motorcycle is parked at my house . I didn’t have the key to move it)
Hopefully this time next week I will be in my house, happy as a clam.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Travis just texted me saying that an old college friend was going to be in town next week. This particular friend I have not seen in many years. After college I ran into him and he had become a heroin addict. A few years passed and he showed up at the bar to say hello. On that visit I was waiting for the plea for money and after ten minutes of small talk he pulled out a used calculater and asked if I would buy it. Again a few years pass, and he shows up at the bar with his cousin who had just arrived from Ireland that day. He asked me if I would speak with her while he went to the store to buy cigarettes. Of course I said yes trying not to be rude. Ten minutes went by, then half an hour, then 3hours. He never showed back up and I had to help his poor cousin. Sorry Travis but I won’t be in the bar those days.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Very stressful day.
I just got served with a lawsuit for a bar I didn’t own. Always something.
Very impressed with some work that Nick from Memphis is doing. Keep up the good work.
I’ll be in Charlotte on Saturday night.
I definitely need a week off of traveling!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

The girls performed in Toronto at the Harley Davidson 105 anniversary celebration. Wow they were incredible and they were treated like real celebrities. They really are so beautiful and so gracious. We had an issue at the end of the night last night. It ended with me sticking my neck out and Jeff M making me look like an idiot.
I will have to deal with that situation this week.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I have heard it all. A girl in New Orleans just quit yesteday. Her reason was that she had been committed to a mental institution by her mother a little while back and had to quickly leave the area so that she doesn’t get committed again. Ok , good luck.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

This is killing me! No camp no school. I love my son but he is driving me crazy and I him. I can’t wait for school to start!!!
The bars are doing well.
I was very moved by the olympics. It is so impressive to see the greatest atheletes in the world compete. Yesterday Jackson and I watched the women’s triathalon. I can’t run 1 mile yet they are swimming, biking , then jogging. I have watched all the tribute shows to Michael Phelps. There is a great feeling of pride to be an american. There have been 2 competitions I have watched where I was routing for another country. 1. The 10,000 meter run. I wanted the Ethiopian runners to win. and 2. Women’s beach volleyball. I routed for China. When did China become such a powerhouse in the olympics?
I went out on Saturday night with Trey, Travis, and a few regulars. Let’s just say I did not feel too sporty on Sunday.
I’ve got nothing!!!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a pain in the ass, our flight got canceled. Now I have to figure out when I can go with or without Jackson. Urgh!!!
A few of the bouncers tried to steal some memorabilia from the Memphis bar. So sad to go out that way. Now any good they did will be erased and they will be thought of as theives. I love that the staff and the regulars of all the bars consider the bars home, but the reality is that these bars are not home. I remember going to a party in NY and seeing about a dozen glasses at a regular’s apartment that were stolen from my bar. In New Orleans we had an area of the back wall signed by Indian Larry. Some regulars then grifittied the whole area. I wouldn’t go into someone’s home and do those things. I know that some of these people want a peice of the various bars as if that will symbolize some kinship with that time of their lives. As romantic as that sounds, it’s stealing. It’s vandalism. In the bars we take pictures and put them up all over the bar. I hoped that regulars and staff would feel like that was their special moment immortalized in a photo put on the wall. But instead they just want to take the pictures. It’s just so sad.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Nashville and Denver. love the numbers!!!
Heading to Myrtle Beach this week to check out our ( hopefully) new spot. I am taking Jackson with me.
Jeff W workin a bit late tonight.
Tonight Jackson went to his dad’s house. When he gave me a kiss goodbye, I got this overwhelming feeling of love. So beautiful looking into your child’s eyes and seeing such happiness. He’s so happy and so funny. Perfect.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Very interesting day at work so far. let’s see if anything pans out!
Chris B wrote a letter to some of the managers talking about reconfiguring some marketing to hit the younger demographic for better merch sales. I laughed when I saw his example about coke using polar bears. Very cute.
Life is good today. My son doesn’t start school till September. All the other schools in New orleans start next week, so there are no more camps available. It is going to be a long month. This past weekend we went to the beach and Jackson and I went on a jetski for the first time in both of our lives. Yesterday he said to me ” Mom I got to drive a jetski. Some people spend their lives never getting to jetski. It was a once in a lifetime experience!” I love that. He is living a life I never imagined living. But he is still a grounded kid. ” Live it up kid cause school starts in september and I have a feeling life won’t seem so happy then.”

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Holy crap I have to run out and get this week’s edition of Hello magazine and see pictures of Brad and Angelina’s twins. What has the world come to?
I found the Nashville’s manager’s log hysterical this morning. Zombie was the manager on duty last night. In his report he talked about a man running out on a $5 tab then crashing his car down the street. He talked about two street people outside having a knife fight. But what made me laugh is that he was afraid of a spider that he spotted in the office. All of that and it was the spider that truly freaked him. Funny

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Monday, August 04, 2008

The new lyrics Jackson has been practicing reading on are for the song “Love Me Dead”. Not traditional reading but it is the only thing he really enjoys reading.
Denver rocks!!!!
This week I had arranged for myself and 3 girls to go to Vegas to help with the training of the Vegas girls. I just found out yesterday that it was canceled for a later date. I am disappointed. I wanted to get to know the staff there. Hopefully we will be there in september. The las Vegas bar is a franchise so it will be fun to get to know another staff!!!

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Friday, August 01, 2008

These anniversaries are killing me!! The San Antonio staff looked awesome. So many new employees, I felt bad that I did not know a lot of names. The staff gave me a collage that was shaped like the Texas star, awesome. They also gave me an engraved wine decanter and an engraved bottle of bourbon. Really beautiful. They know I love my wine. Thank you guys so much!!!!
Kind of a slow week. I am excited because we are starting to move on the Oklahoma project. Jeff M even found us a spot in Milwaukee !!
The first part of this year was horrible for me but I am starting to sense a new energy. I think the year will end well!
This morning at the airport I was very early for my plane. The gate that I was scheduled to fly out of was packed with a ton of people so I found a gate close by that had no flights and was empty. I sat in a chair in the back and read my book. This man comes and sits 2 chairs from me. Now the seats for this gate were completely empty , had about 100 seats to choose from but he walked all the way to the back and sat close to me. Then of course he started talking. He spoke for 1 hour about his life. The whole time I am trying to look at my book so he gets the hint that I don’t want to listen to him. My flight finally boarded and I was not seated next to him. After the flight, I exited the plane and went to the restroom. When I came out he was right there waiting for me. I hate guys like that. He was the type of guy who speaks about his family having every intention to cheat on his wife. And really just plain creepy!

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