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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My house is being taken over by rats! I hate it!!! I have always taught Jackson not to harm a living creature but I told him I was going to have to kill some of these because they are waging war on us!!!
Oh my god my 12 year old nephew just referred to a girl’s tattoo as a “tramp stamp”. Holy crap. I’ve never even heard that.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am an idiot! I lost my key to my car. Normally that is a pain in the ass but you simply wait for the key to come in the mail from the car manufacturer. Well not with these high end cars. I had to get my car towed to the dealer because they have to do something special to initialize the new laser key. Who knows when I will actually get my car back, so I had to borrow a car today to drive my family around. It’s my own stupidity that is upsetting to me.
DENVER ROCKS!!! I am so pleased!!!
Next week is the san antonio anniversary party. That’s always a 2 day hangover. Life’s good right now. I am trying not to get lost in the little hardships and see all the positive, my son, my job, my health.
I can’t wait to get rolling on some new projects. Interesting how you go full steam ahead but when things slow down you feel depressed and uneasy. I am ready to get back to crazy busy. I work best that way!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have been eating like a pig. My family is in town and everyday is a smorgesport ( no idea how to spell). I bought a felt craps table with all the chips etc. We had a ball the other night just playing for fun with the kids. I am a poker an blackjack player. Craps is very complicated but we had fun learning. Chantel and her husband came over and threw a shrimp boil. So delicious. My sister was like ” is this normaal for someone else to do all the cooking at a party that’s held at your house?” I said no but I think they are scared that I won’t do the cajun cooking properly. It was awesome.
Denver still on a high note very excited!!! We are so close to closing the Oklahoma city project. Bricktown here we come!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The “Coyotes” are booked this weekend at the Iowa Speedway. I am very proud of them and from what I hear they have been doing quite well. This morning I receive a call from Jacqui saying that there has been radio and print press that states that I was going to be there. I feel horribly bad now that I am not there but my sister’s family came to visit me this weekend . I had no idea that Chris b and jeff m booked me as well. I thought that this was a booking for the girls only. I was under the impression if I went it was only going to be as a cheerleader for the girls. So sorry Iowa. I think part of me still doesn’t quite get that people want to meet me. Again I am sorry this was a big misunderstanding.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

I am going to post the 7 girls I have picked thus far for the 2009 Coyote Ugly Calendar. The 2009 calendar will be a bikini calendar so get in shape or keep in shape. I am leaving 5 spots vacant so that the franchised bars can send in their photos. I want girls from Vegas, Panama city, chicago, and Tampa!!! Also Charlotte and nashville have quite a few new girls, send some pictures in!!!
1. Kat Ft lauderdale
2. Erica Denver
3. Lyndsey denver
4 Nicole austin
5. Linda new orleans
6. Chastity san Antonio
7. Elle New york

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I laughed when I saw the denver manager’s log this morning. The numbers were very good but the manager’s notes implied alot of frustration. Sometimes you have those nights when everything goes wrong and all the customers are assholes. I think the GM even got a drink thrown at her. I don’t think I have ever thrown a drink at someone. But I know that I have had drinks thrown on me as a bartender. So annoying. I always wonder how these people were raised? Usually it’s the girl who gets a little tipsy but you can tell she is always about drama. And the classic beer in the face is when the girl throws a beer in their boyfriends face, you as the bartender try to calm things down then you are thanked by having a beer thrown in your face. Always pleasant.
It’s amazing that we are at the top of the food chain.
I had a girl pull my hair once. I was bartending at a small place. This particular girl locked herself in the bathroom. After a half an hour I had to get tools to unscrew the lock on the door. When she got out she grabbed my hair. It lasted all of 2 seconds when the regulars grabbed her and threw her out the door. I swear I remember at that moment thinking ” what the fuck? I can’t believe someone is pulling my hair!” My son or my life would have to be in jeopardy for me to start fighting. Ladies don’t fight.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I had to laugh this morning after reading the San Antonio manager’s log. The manager on duty had to use tweezers to pull out an earpiece from a security guy’s ear. So funny. He must of jammed that ear piece in real far. I can only imagine how loud every sound over the radio was. Very funny ( probably not to him).
Denver still rocking. Denver is becoming one of our really strong bars especially with weekday numbers. But it’s interesting that they sell so little merchandise. We have a full merch store there just like memphis and nashville yet merch sales are very low. ” I swear I bet we would sell a shitload of stuff if it was warm and simple. “For god sakes Lee, a simple Coyote Ugly fleece sweatshirt preferably with no weird stuff on front, would be a huge hit there. ” Or I would end up having to give fleece sweatshirts to my family for Christmas.
back to work

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Denver is rocking. I am very pleased with the consistency of the numbers!!! Awesome. Cross fingers.
Nothing like receiving flowers to make your day great!! I am very simple. I like flowers romantic dinners. Nothing fancy just the important stuff!!
A few interesting developments with regards to the signing group the ” Coyotes” . Let’s see how things pan out. We have been looking at a few spots in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. It would be a nice change to be able to spend some time out there. I love California.
I am so upset over a situation with our credit card server. Charlotte is our only bar that we do not use Aloha( computer registers) in. We transfered over the already existing system “hot sauce” when we purchased the franchise. It appears that someone hacked into the ” hotsauce” mainframe and was stealing credit card numbers. This happened remotely. Other merchants have experienced similar problems. The bank has now been taking money that is supposed to be deposit in various bars’ bank accounts. It is totally fucking us up!! I am so upset. We hired a company to audit the system. we have complied with everything the server , mastercard, and Visa have asked yet we are still being penalized. unbelievable!
Always something.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bree, one of my Memphis bartenders, had a brother that was shot and killed yesterday. I feel sick over it. I am so sorry for their family. He had a 4 day old baby. We live in such a hard world. Sometimes it feels like “why” isn’t the right question but rather “when”? I am so sorry Bree for your loss.
Police investigate Sunday afternoon homicide

A man was shot to death Sunday afternoon in the 2400 block of Warren Street, investigators with the Memphis Police Department said.

A few things occurring lately that are so puzzling. We are in a world where you need to protect yourself. Amazing how some of our staff, regardless of gender , don’t use common sense. ” Girls, don’t walk to your cars by your self get a male escort ( whom you know). ” The age old adage ” don’t get pulled in by pier pressure. If you know that a situation feels wrong, then excuse yourself and go your own way. Your life is a lot more important then your popularity.
It’s a scarey world.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last night I had Lala’s goodbye party at my house. I thought it would be only employees but quite a few regulars came over. I didn’t mind the regulars I knew but I felt uneasy having regulars that I did not know come to my house.
My boyfriend had a ” misunderstanding” with another guy. That guy then had a ” misunderstanding ” with his wife. Then another group were “misunderstanding” each other. I couldn’t wait for the night to end. ( and an old bouncer showed up with his 11 month old son. Who in their right mind goes to an adult party with their infant. I even had Jackson stay at his dad’s.) I would like to thank Walter, Gaslight, Adam, and Blaine for doing all the cooking.Even though the food got there 22 hours late and is probably the reason so many people got loaded early. I can say without reservation that I won’t be holding any more parties in the near future . I heard an expression about getting drunk and ” showing your ass”. The meaning of this phrase is that you show the bad side of your personality once you have had some cocktails. Let’s just say that quite a few people showed their “ass” last night. ( I was very pissed off at one of them in particular). Well at least I can say that my “ass” stayed nice and hidden last evening.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jackson doesn’t want to go to camp today so I am teaching him how to read the manager’s logs.
Big ” Hell Ya” to Denver who rocked last night!!!
Have a busy day today. Sent Lee out location scouting. He found some interesting spots!! I feel a bit bored lately so I need a shot of crazy busy to get me back in the game.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hot damn! Jeff W hired a private investigator to find the person who robbed the San Antonio bar and he did just that. I was so pleased yesterday to hear that the guy was found. From what I understand the guy has a huge rap sheet and will be in jail for a long while. Unfortunately he spent all the money.
Beautiful fireworks in New Orleans last night.
Last week a few girls got fired for pocketing tips without pooling them. Greedy greedy greedy. I wonder if it was worth losing their jobs?
In life we have a tendency to think that people think and process things exactly as we do. I always knew that was not true but I think this year I am truely accepting that fact. Everyone goes from point A to point B in a different way. I am also truely realizing how most people think short term. The mentality of risking your job for a couple hundred bucks is so short sighted. Also the idea that for that particular day you earned that money ” more so” then the other girls is so shortsighted. Because as a team their will be another night where the other girls bring in more in tips and you bennefit from their work by pooling. Stupid people. So short sighted.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Yesterday I went to Toronto for another hearing. I was asked the same question I have already been asked but they wanted to make sure I was there in person to answer them, again. I am very frustrated with this process. I have 10 corporate bars open. We do full training of staff, management etc. We have video surveillance in all of my locations. Why would Toronto be any different in regards to training?
I flew out yesterday on a 6 am flight . I arrived at my 2 pm meeting. This meeting was 1 hour. I headed back to the airport and took a return flight home, arriving at 11:09 pm. What a day.
I heard a story from one of my managers pertaining to some of the girls , on their off time, hanging out with a man who came into that particular bar. The story is long but I just kept on saying ” don’t the girls care about their own safety?” ” Just because this man was showing off with his cash and credit cards, why would someone then presume it was alright to hang out with them in an insecure environment? ( outside their workplace)” To the best of my knowledge noone knew this man personally. They were enticed by his money. The girls are all safe but I am disgusted with their lack of personal safety. Stupid!!

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