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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wow denver kicked everyone’s butt last night!! Awesome. One of the bar’s sent a manager’s log about a group of guys trying to get an underage friend in, which of course we did not allow. This scenario always ends up the same. We don’t allow the underage person in. Their friends beg us to bend the rules. We say no and then the friends become belligerent. So freaking stupid. I remember turning 18 and the liquor law had just changed to 19 in NY. Then when I turned 19 the liquor law turn to 21. I worked in bars and restaurants from the time I was 17 ( I think 16 as a waitress). But the law states you could still serve but not drink. I was always waiting for the day I could legally drink. ” If a person can go to war at 18 why can’t someone drink alchohol?” Well years later as a bar owner I am so happy the drinking age is not 18 in the states. Unless you fall into the 1% rich kid demographic, most 18 year olds are broke and they are assholes when they drink. I am happy that we don’t have to deal with that. But in other countries it will be normal for 18 to be the drinking age. So we will have to compensate for that.
That’s all I’ve got

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Freakin’ bars are killing me. San Antonio just got robbed by a person on full camera. We even have his driver’s license . Of course that doesn’t mean he has been apprehended. He’s probably in freakin’ Mexico now! So sickening.
I am very excited to find out that ” The Coyotes” songs are on the radio in Nashville.
Have to fly to Toronto for yet another inquest. I am tired.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a wonderful morning. Jackson laid in my arms watching music videos. It’s those precious moments that carry you through life. We cheered when we heard that Jackson’s favorite song ” Inside the Fire” by Disturbed moved to number one in album sales. We listen to all sorts of music but Jackson definitely is drawn to heavier rock. Very funny. I have been downloading lyrics to his favorite songs to try and get him to read. Some parents might think this is questionable but I am trying everything to get him to read more.
What is it about some people that they don’t seem to exist without their spouses. There is a woman I really liked in New Orleans. She never calls me but her husband will call for “them”. They send me texts occassionally, but they are from ” them”. It’s like she doesn’t exist without him. I had a bartender in NY like that as well. She was a close friend and she would never go out without her boyfriend. It was really annoying so I stopped inviting her to certain events.
I have had two people from corporate ask me my schedule citing that the GM of San Antonio wants to know. “Shawna ask me yourself” I hate that shit.
Cross your fingers Myrtle beach is looking very good!!!!!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy day at work today. Hopefully we are closing in on a deal in Oklahoma City. I am so excited at going into Myrtle Beach. That will; be a great location. I feel hopeful for the future today. I realize now that even the closest people to you have their own intentions and they may directly contradict yours . But my goal is to run my business to the best of my ability with the highest goal being securing the best for my son and myself. I know that I am very good to the people I work with. I can be a pain in the ass some times but I have earned that right. And instead of feeling so let down by people all the time I just have to move forward knowing that this business is a legacy I may leave my son . Blood is thicker then water.
Yesterday Trey was working out and his pectoral muscle tore from his bone. So scarey. It’s going to be a long few months.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Austin had a great weekend for Rot rally. 314 bodyshots on Friday, unbelievable. I need to get out there to say hello. That’s all I’ve got

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bars did great last night. Hot damn!!! Knock on wood , cross my fingers. Denver is kicking some butt. I am very pleased with the numbers. They must be doing a rerun of the last season because I am getting an influx of new emails ” Lil, are you pregnant?” ” Lil you’re so fat, how can you judge the girls.” ” Lil you seem so distant, what’s wrong?”
1. No I am not pregnant!! 2.My weight: I am old give me a break! In person. I am fine, the camera truly does ad weight. And guess what? I am not a contestant so I can be as fat as I want. 3.Editing: I am very funny. I have a feeling that changing the show from a 1 hour format to a 1/2 hour format took some of the fun out of the various episodes. There is not enough time to show the funny moments.
I can tell you with 99% accuracy that I am not pregnant and have no intentions right now of getting pregnant. About my weight, who the fuck knows. In fact I may go out and buy myself some chocolate right now. And lastly, end this discussion, I am hilarious. As the quote goes from ” Kung Fu Panda” people are blinded by my awesomeness. ( Jackson and I saw this movie yesterday and have used that quote for everything. Example: I am blinded by the awesomeness of the abcoaster) I am very funny if the show did not display that then I say fire all the editing staff.
(” Charlie Two Times! I have heard that you are quite a striking man. Nice to know you passed on some good genes”)

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things happen in threes. 1. I backed into my own porch and scratched the side of my car 2. A pebble hit my windshield and cracked it. and 3. I locked myself out of my house while I had something on the stove. I need to just get in bed and hope I make it till morning. The worst part is hearing from my boyfriend in such a patronizing voice ” poor little thing can’t even drive her own car. Poor thing.” Urgh
Things are moving quite nicely in Myrtle Beach and oklahoma city. Cross my fingers.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

It has been a long week in Nashville. The ” Coyotes” performed so well. I am so pleased with their first venture out. Our bartending coyotes did awesome. I love seeing the faces of so many girls from all over the country coming to help during fanfare when it is so busy.
We usually have 3 things going during fanfare. Obviously the sales at the bar, we set up a booth at the convention center , and we have a booth outside with other vendors. The bar did great. The booth at the convention center did great. But the health Department came down to our outside site and stopped us from serving hamburgers and hotdogs. We found out that the neighboring Bud tent called the health department on us. It’s amazing how unsavy business owners can be. At the outdoor site we were not allowed to serve alcohol. Wouldn’t it just make sense that people who bought hamburgers from us would simply walk to the adjacent booth to buy beer? By closing us down they lost a lot of potential business. Stupid stupid stupid.
I spent everyday at the convention center. I am still feeling a bit shellshocked by the amount of fans that came out for autographs and pictures. At one point there were close to 50 people waiting on line, maybe more. Jacqui was in heaven. She loved it. Being a dancer, actress she was in her element. I still feel a bit overwhelmed by the adulation. It’s so weird to me. Most of the day Jacqui and I heard ” you guys are so much prettier in person then on TV” We have come to the conclusion that we must look god awful on the show. Big Thanks to Sharla for doing our makeup. The girls looked incredible.
All in all a great Fanfare. I am glad to be home though. I start getting very emotional when I am away from Jackson.
Kyle took some video. Hopefully , we can stream some video of the girls performing soon. The technology is way over my head so good luck Kyle.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

I need to retract the statement about Trey’s and Lee’s punching bag scores. They were around 940. Kyle still says they are pussies cause he is around 960.
CMA Awards have been a madhouse. I actually took a picture today of all the people around our booth. It’s just so weird signing all those autographs and taking all those pictures.
Nick from Memphis came from Nowhere and started talking shit to Mike from Ft. Lauderdale. Mike said to him ” Just because your bar’s in the ghetto doesn’t mean you have to act like your ghetto.” Pretty funny.
The girls did great yesterday. Both ” The Coyotes” and our bartending Coyotes. I am very pleased with how things are going.
Now some other entity needs to interview me for the Toronto License. I am tired. What is going on? I don’t get it!
Damn I am tired. I just want to hold Jackson and crawl into my own bed.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I’m in Nashville and we have been rehearsing with ” The Coyotes” because they are preforming here during the CMA awards( Fanfare). I was worried yesterday but today I feel really positive. The girls look incredible. They sound incredible. So exciting.
Freaking Chris B has Mono. He’s a walking cesspool of germs.
Nice to know that one of my corporate officers Kevin B is getting his paychecks garnished for not paying taxes. DUMBASS!
I am feeling great today even though I look like shit. I forgot my sleeping pills. Jacqui, miss homeopathic pharmacy gave me some holistic sleeping pill. I would have to take 30 of these pills to equal a half of a tylenol pm.
One more thing: what the fuck is wrong with all these girls? Why is the universe on Stackers? What happened to working out and eating well? Everyone wants a shortcut, but they don’t understand the ramifications on their bodies.
I just found out that Jenn the fiddler’s sister, Jessica, hit over 800 on the punching bag machine. The last time I was here Trey, Lee, and Kevin were hitting around 800. Embarrassing she can kick their asses!!

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