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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holy crap. Except for Denver ( haven’t received Austin), every bar did horribly last night! Crap. What the fuck. I hate that.

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Hot damn. Jackson was definitely the MVP tonight. He played so great. We eeked out a win at 10-9. I thought Jackson’s dad was going to have a coronary. I am a very proud Momma tonight.
Jackson has a friend over tonight. This is not a very good friend but they play Ben 10 together. This particular boy is very affectionate with Jackson. But I am getting a weird vibe from this kid. I can even see Jackson’s body language is stand offish. I love my son whatever he chooses in his life is alright with me but I can’t lie I just keep thinking ” please let nothing happen on my watch”. Please!!

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Friday, May 30, 2008

“The Vatican announced Thursday in a general decree that it will excommunicate anyone who would attempt to ordain a woman as a priest and the woman herself.” This is just one more reason I am happy not to be a Catholic anymore.
It’s disgraceful to think that women are still being subjugated to inequality in the 21 century. If I remember my history correctly , the reason male priests are not allowed to marry is about not allowing heirs to the of the catholic church. All about money, the world hasn’t changed that much in the last 2000 years.
I took Jackson to a Zephyers game last night. The Zephyers are a AAA baseball team for the Mets located in New Orleans. We got to watch the game from a section that has a pool and a hot tub. Pretty cool.
Another day!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Charlotte bar is still open at the old location. We did not close down. We decided not to move forward with the location at the IVY’s. It was made very clear to us that regardless of how Coyote Ugly conducted themselves we would be harrassed. I am not putting myself or my investors in a situation that is so hostile. I really love the city of Charlotte, it’s too bad that they don’t want us to be successful there. Come down to see us at 521 N College St.
I like my men “big” as you can see in the memphis anniversary pictures. But don’t be fooled by the tattoos, the harley, or the sinister looks. ( His favorite song is ” No Air” By Jordan sparks and a damn good dancer too) The jinx is in!
I have a headache today from work and I have only been at my computer for an hour!!

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Monday, May 26, 2008

OK I just booked my tickets for Fanfare and Rot Rally. A lot of traveling this month. I need to go back to Dr. Ky. I need my chi focused.
Numbers for this weekend were good but I think this economy is really effecting traveling.I was shocked at how empty Beale St was this past weekend. May is the premiere month for Memphis. At least we are doing alright. It cost me over $100 to fill up my car. Ridiculous. I read the other day that a group of scientists figured out a way to create biodeisels without using food sources. This would eliminate escalating food prices. The new biodeisels are made from weeds. When I read this I was very pleased that there could be a logical resolution both environmentally and economically. But, as per usual, there is opposition to this. How much damage do we have to do to this planet?
Those are my thoughts today.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am officially cutting myself off. Two very drunk nights at the memphis bar. The anniversary was incredible. I will go on record saying it was the best anniversary party that Coyote has ever had. The theme was 20s . They whole staff participated in doing different numbers consistent to the theme. They sang , they danced, all the male staff serenaded me and I danced with them. It was incredible. The male staff also made their own BMF calendar. Awesome. I will try and get the files from someone so I can showcase it on the website. Even Judith sang a number, all by herself. Really incredible party. Kudos to Caitlin for helping everyone get into character. I had the best time. ( Unfortunaely I don’t remember the tail end) They got me my own personal Bitch as they referred to him. Well he was like a personal waiter. I had more drinks lined up for me in an hour because of his diligence. I told Judith, please no more personal waiter. I got way too drunk.
Really incredible time.
Speedweek in Charlotte. From the reports from Daniel, everything has gone wrong that can go wrong. Urgh

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We have to travel for work. I am so sick of all the excuses. There are only two people in the company who don’t bitch about the travel and those people are Daniel and Jeff M. Thank you Daniel and Jeff M .
In regular corporate jobs people don’t get to just simply pick and choose when they want to work.
I am pissed off. I am sick of people taking advantage of me. Just work

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I have received a lot of nice emails lately. I think the true nature of most people is to be charitable toward others even when their circumstances are compromised. Thank you. I am not ashamed or worried about what has transpired in the last few months. Everything happens for a reason and I will know at some point in time why my life has unfolded in the way it has. I would not go back one day. I believe that when we triumph over hardship we really experience pride, selfworth, and jubilation. So bring it on. I can take it. And I am damn proud to be where I am at today.
I have learned today that I can not arm fart, leg fart, or real fart on command. But my son is able to do all those things!!! He is victorious. My son gets kisses and hugs and adulation all the time but I do not let him win if we are playing a game. WE always play fair and square. Sorry but I am not one of those parents who pretends to lose at checkers or card games. And jackson has legitimately beaten me many times playing certain games. Tonight was arm farting tournament. And I am just unable to do that. I tried I just can’t do it . ” Can’t never did anything” That’s all I’ve got!!!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Hot Damn Austin and denver rocked yesterday!!!! I love that. Awesome!!!! Very slow today. I am not sure why. I am excited to go to Memphis on Thursday. Chris B band is playing as well as Jenn the Fiddler. Should be a lot of fun. They opened a new Westin in Memphis. I am glad I am not staying at the peabody. It’s a beautiful hotel but those damn ducks are a pain in the ass. They bring these ducks down to the lobby to swim in the lobby fountain. By doing this they close down one elevator to the public so it always takes a long time to get up to your room. And this might sound odd but I always feel mild allergies there. Maybe I am allergic to those freaking ducks.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jackson and I just went to see Ironman. It was awesome! I love that my son is a little older and we can enjoy movies together!

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Friday, May 16, 2008

We went to Charlotte for a meeting with the tenants association and the Charlotte Center City Partners. I actually think the meeting went well. I just think there will be some tenants who won’t want us to succeed regardless of what we do. Let’s see how this plays out.
For those of you who are planning on attending Speed Street in Charlotte please download our membership application so you can enter the Charlotte bar. In Charlotte if you do not have a full kitchen you have a liquor license that requires you to be a private club. In the guidelines you need to apply for membership 72 hours before you actually enter the bar. So apply now!!!!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I had a breakdown like I have never had tonight. I think everything just hit me. How much can on person take? Death, betrayal, divorce. It’s been a bad year. I sat in front of my house tonight crying in a way I don’t think I’ve cried since I was a kid.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a day. Started out with someone quiting with no notice. Chantel just wrote me a little while ago and said ” I think he may come back” as the old saying goes ” once shame on you twice shame on me.” Sometimes you have to just let them go. Tomorrow there is an audit at one of the bars. Friday I have to meet residents , church officials, and workers from a day care center to try and explain who I am and what Coyote is. Blah blah blah
The great part of today was waking up with my son. I took him to starbucks and we talked about Ben10 and the powers we would pick if we were aliens. And in the afternoon he played a parakeet in a play which was all in french . I could not understand one word of the play but my son was perfect. He was so animated. A star!!!
I will take the bad cause the good is just incredible!!! I am blessed!

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Jackson has a play today . He plays a speaking parakeet in a french fable. Very exciting. It’s almost the end of the school year and he is completely done. Everyday he begs me to let him go in late. 3 weeks left. Wow I have a busy schedule coming up. I need to get my shit together.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

I have never had more happy mother’s day wishes from people. Thank you everyone! I had a great weekend. Jackson’s team won 5-3 on Friday night. Jackson didn’t play well the first period but he definitely stepped it up the rest of the game.
My son is getting older. He is starting not to kiss me in front of his friends. It breaks my little heart.
Friday I am meeting with the tenants association in Charlotte. I really hope this gets straightened out.
Booking my tickets for Fanfare and Rot Rally.
Feeling strong today!!!

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Friday, May 09, 2008

” The Coyotes have a new myspace page I have ” Later then you think” embedded in my brain. What a beautiful song. I am trying to get Jeff m and Chris B on board for doing a remake of a Metallica song. It would be awesome.
Busy busy. I am having a kick ass work day. Sometimes you need to get riled up to refocus one’s mind. Well I certainly have been riled up for a few weeks and now I am kicking some ass. Another thing I realized is that there are jobs in my company that I don’t do that would be fun to be involved in. It’s time to have some fun.
I just learned some new southern lingo. .I heard yesterday “Mercedes is very proud of their cars.” My reply was “I am sure they are proud because they are such incredible cars.” ” Yes Lil they are very very Proud” It took me a full minute to understand what he was talking about. I said ” Do you mean expensive.” ” Lil we don’t use that word here we just think that high priced items are put out in a very proud way by companies. Then he followed it up by saying ” Look at your bag. Chanel is a very proud company.” Well you can’t fight with that.
Big soccer game tonight!!!

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Why the fuck is it so hard to find a song to record that is not country? Freaking Jeff m is pissing me off with this!! ” Can’t never did anything!” I just heard that saying the other day. I have a feeling I will be using it all the time.
Memphis rocked this weekend!!!!

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Monday, May 05, 2008

My son wrote me a mother’s day song that goes to the tune of “baby got back”
” I love my mom’s butt and I can not lie
My other friends can’t deny
When they walk in with a smiling face
with their pearly white teeth in her face
They think Fun You pull up and get spanked
You know that hula chair i
it’s supposed to make your butt look like a twig
instead it looks like a pig
Look at the jeans she’s wearing
I just can’t stop staring
Oh mama I want to get with ya and take your picture
My best friend tries to warn me
but that butt you got makes me so dreamy
oh rumplesmooth skin
you sat you want to get in her benz
Use it
use it
case you ain’t got an average booty
I see her prancing
Ding with romancing
Wet sweat see her runni with the vet tired of old twiggy things
and seeing pancakes off the griddle and your is not so little
you got the io pat that lower back
So fellas ya fellas
I see rhis butt everyday
shake it shake it
shake that nasty butt
momma’s got butt!

Yes that was my mother’s day card. I have to get a videotape of him performing it. Quite funny
Our entertainment lawyer told me that he ran a half marathon yesterday and realized that for half the race he had been humming our new song ” later then you think” in his head. I love that. It’s such a pretty song.
Chris B created a very small commercial to air during reruns of our show. Lee is in this commercial. I am barely even speaking with him. I can’t believe he got into the commercial. I didn’t see the knife he used to stab me in the back in the commercial.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

I am so excited. The Coyotes first song “Later Than You Think” is up for sale on the site. So exciting!!!! I am so proud of Jeff M, Chris b, and the girls. They all did such a good job. Can’t wait for jacqui to start some choreography for them. So exciting!!!!
I went with Trey to work out yesterday. ( Just to give you an idea about him they call him at the gym, Stone cold Steve Austin. He’s a big mother fucker) We worked biceps and a bunch of back muscles. Some kid at the gym said to Trey ” so now you are going to start bringing GI Jane up in this joint” That made my day. I thought I was so cool doing all these exercises. Well I was Miss Cool yesterday and today I am Miss in pain . My arms even hurt using the computer today!!!

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Austin is rocking !!!!! I love that
Travis, gm New Olreans, got the girls a free saran wrap to lose inches off your body. I laughed so hard when Chantel told me that the girls were wrapped in saran wrap and proceeded to drink beers and shots. Kind of defeats the purpose. Lala lost 1 1/2 inches off her waist. Perhaps I will try that.

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