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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yes I did plunge the toilet at the Nashville bar on Monday night. I have worked hard all my life if the toilet needs plunging then I will plunge it. It’s been a long week already. A great night in Nashville on monday night. The Nashville bar has a punching machine that scores your power after you hit the punching bag. All the guys were getting 800s. I got a 400. If I lived there I would be practicing everyday on that game.
There was a clip on a local Charlotte tv station that was completely false. The clip on this station makes it appear that we are partners with our new landlord in the new location. That is completely false. He is simply the owner of the building and we will have to rent from him. The landlord owned a few clubs around the city and I think one of the clubs has had a few issues. On this clip they showed a clip of his club during some hostile night and the voice over work implies that this was Coyote Ugly. Totally false. He is not our partner. I don’t even know what clubs he runs. The clip also says that they tried to contact corporate. that is a fucking lie. Noone called us. Ridiculous

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Friday, April 25, 2008

“Future Coyotes listen up!!! The New York bar has a bunch of openings. Go in and ask for Jacqui or Tony” Ridiculous how much time off the girls want. I always talk about the NY work ethic being better then the south but according to Jacqui she is disgusted by the lack of work ethic with the girls as of late!! Go apply at the Original Coyote Ugly!! Don’t call just walk in !!!
Also we need a few more bouncers. Go apply but just remember Jacqui likes her guys to be lookers!!
Failed a big fire inspection in Charlotte!! Crap. Couldn’t sleep all night thinking about it.
Monday meeting the Toronto folks in Nashville. That should be interesting since they have all my information for the last million years. I was grilled for 7 years by my former husband for all my shoe purchases. How funny if one of them starts grilling me about the prada shoes I bought last year or the chanel purse I bought a couple of year ago. Just like when I was married! Or what about my employment record. ” Miss Lovell you worked at Anacondas in NY. Why did you leave that job? “
It has been a crazy few months.
Jackson is on spring break right now so we have been away with another mom and her son
. So funny. Her son is a few years older and he has been raised with siblings that are much older then him. Yesterday I asked him if he wanted to go to the beach? His reply ” Hell Yes!” Last night we saw a bat swoop down very close to us and he said ” Oh shit!” The kid is a really good kid. He has just been exposed to older teenagers when he was growing up and thinks it’s funny. I can see his mother cringe when he says these things but I just laugh. I told her if jackson comes home cursing, she’ll probably be getting a call from Jackson’s dad LOL. Right now Jackson’s worst words are “freaking” and “crap”. I am hoping this little trip doesn’t increase his vulgar vocabulary.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wow I feel a huge sense of calm and excitement today. I have some big plans and I am so happy.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All day with Lee battling about our website. Just freaking do it. “I’ll try my best.” ” yeah well I’ll try my best when its bonus time” Just do it.
Kevin told me that I have left him with a bad taste in his mouth. Well there is not enough Listerine in the world to remove the taste in my mouth. Again don’t “try your best” Just do it.
I am listening to Jackson and his 10 year old friend. his friend has grown up with much older siblings and I can’t help but laugh when he says certain things. We got scared outside last night hearing some weird noise. This kid’s first phrase ” Oh shit” I laughed . Having siblings in their late teens and twenties he hears these words all the time.
My son is love and joy. I wish I could tell everyone that you could always trust everyone but its just not true. Watch your back or a knife goes right in it.
The beautiful side of all of this craziness is that I have identified the people I really depend on. That makes me beam with pride.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

And the fun continues. Can’t stand liars.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I fucked up. Chastity did not quit it was a girl named Kristy. Good luck Kristy.

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Holy shit I did not know that last night was Chastity’s last night. this is one of the Nashville girls. I love her. that makes me so sad. I always loved watching her , and talking to her. Goodbye Chastity. I wish you the very best in life. Please keep in touch.
The bars rocked last night. Nashville and san antonio kicked ass but the other bars rocked too!!!
As the expression goes ” I had a fire lit under my ass” and let me tell you I will start rocking and rolling soon. About a month ago I said to myself that I needed to take meditation classes, calm down. well I am glad that went to the weighside because my sheer rage will fuel me. Don’t fuck with me or I will roll right over you!!!
A friend of mine ( a girl) wrote me an email saying she was just dumped by another girl. This girl who dumped her was a former army person, has no job , sleeps on her parents sofa, and she has just been diagnosed with a disease. I said to my friend ” I don’t mean to be harsh but you need to work on your game if a jobless, homeless, cancer victim is dumping you.”

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

“Lil there are so many mosquitos down here they should name them the Louisiana State Bird.” So fucking funny. My friend is a former marine. Played arena football. And is a biker. He has such a strong southern accent I feel like I need a translator sometime. “Lil I watched a few episodes of Sienfeld can you understand me now?”
I love sitting around people who are so colorful when they tell stories. He was telling me about boot camp for the marines. He told me that they called people who were overweight FAT BODIES. These people had to wear certain stripes on their shirt so they got humilitiated at the mess hall. He told me they used to make these guys run and then the sergeants would ask the marine ” what’s your name?” ” Smith Sir” ” No that’s not your name. Your name is Fat , nasty, out of shape motherfucker.”
I love these stories!!!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Peace and tranquility. Peace and tranquility.
I have so much to say but yet I am too flabberghasted to say anything.
I want to regroup and focus all positive energy to the new Charlotte location. I have a meeting with some Toronto people in Nashville next week. Positive positive positive.
Still working on touching up the tracks we did with our band. So fun.
Next week I am taking Jackson away for his spring break. I am hoping that I can recharge my batteries.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hot damn things are moving in Charlotte. The place is huge so we are going to need a lot more employees.
Congrats to Kevin and Lee they are opening their own bar. I don’t know the name of it and I just found out about it yesterday. I’ve heard the grand opening is on Saturday but my invitation must of been lost in the mail. They still work for me and supposedly have no managerial involvement in this new bar but who knows? I called up Chantel and asked her if she received an invitation to their opening. Her response ” what opening? I didn’t even know they were opening a bar.” At least I know they didn’t invite any of corporate not just me.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

This weekend was French Quarterfest in New orleans. I showed up at the bar on saturday thinking I would say hello to everyone and then bring Jackson to see the bands across the street by the river where the event takes place. I ended up bartending for most of the day. We had two great bands in the bar on Saturday starting with Mason Dixon. I was having fun bartending, drinking shots with people and generally getting into my bartending groove. When low and behold a face I recognize greets me hello while I am on top of the bar. It was a French parent from jackson’s class. Urgh ( In french accent very sarcastic) ” Lil if I had known you were entertaining today I would of brought the whole class of parents oui oui”. Ok laugh it up frenchie but I still need to earn a living. Today when I dropped jackson off at school another parent said to me ” so when are your shifts so we can come and visit?” Feel free to come and visit whenever you want just make sure to bring your wallets!

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Two days ago I get a call from one of the managers , ” Lil I just put in my notice.” ” What? Is there anything that happened? Can I do something to help you stay?” ” No Lil in fact I already have another job lined up. ” I will say that this threw me for a loop. This particular manager had such a strong career path with us. On a personal note ” you couldn’t of called me earlier and spoken with me about it?” Disappointed in the way he handled this. Oh well.
Things are moving forward quickly with our new Charlotte location. No jinx cross my fingers but I am very excited. I will be out there in about a week.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

I have one foot with a broken sesamoid bone. It’s been broken for a long time with no possibility of healing. This week my foot has been swelling a bit so I decided to go to a new doctor. This doctor was referred to me. He is a chiropractor/accupressurist. Very east meets west philosophy. The doctor greeted me kindly and asked about my foot issue. He did a 2 minute exam and said ( in a broken english similar to Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid) ” your problem not foot your problem mind. It is time to Heal with your heart not your head.” I was wowed by this. He then put his hands on my back and asked me why I didn’t write down that I had been in the hospital for a kidney infection? I then told him that my right kidney had hurt last year and I was in the hospital. He quickly corrected me and said ” not one kidney but both”. I totally love this guy now. I feel like I found my own personal shaman. On leaving the office this wise man stopped me to say one last profound thing ” Need to go to the bathroom everyday! ” LOL

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