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Monday, March 31, 2008

So nice to see the veteran girls from the show. I had asked them last time I saw them to get into better shape. Oh my god they all look gorgeous. Crista has been doing power 90X for the last 4 weeks. Holy crap she looks hot. Chantel just started it this week. Perhaps I will start it next week. My broken bone in my foot has been giving me trouble so I will let it heal for a week before I start. Things are heating up at the bars which is nice. I stayed at a really nice hotel in Nashville on saturday night. It was called Union Station. Very beautiful.
The girls recorded some really great songs. Nathalie and Crista actually wrote one of the songs. Crista plays the piano on this track. It was so beautiful that most of us had tears in our eyes when we listened to it. I am very proud of the girls.
Sunday when I landed I went straight to Jackson’s school for a blood drive. There is a little girl in his school who was diagnosed with stage 5 cancer ( I think the name is Wilhelms tumors but I am not sure). During her treatment she is given a series of transfusions , so everyone came out to donate blood. I was screened but I scored a 37 on my iron test and I needed a 38 to qualify for giving blood. I will eat a lot of red meat this week and try again.
Pay it forward

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hot damn. The ” Coyotes” our singing group is in the studio recording songs this week. So exciting. I love it. There are two particular songs that are fabulous. I think they will really sell.
Had fun in Denver last night. The girls looked beautiful.
I want to tell all the bars something about anniversaries; it’s your one day a year you can go out of concept. Bring in a band. Have the girls do something different. Everyday is Coyote , I think the anniversaries should be special. I wish the bars did stuff that was unusual for us ” coyote ugly”.
Just a thought!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I have no idea why its so difficult to get things notarized in New orleans, but it is a fucking bitch. Louisiana has what is called the Napoleanic legal system. I am not clear exactly what that means but to the regular citizen it means that everything in the legal world is very expensive and a pain in the ass.
Chris B, Jeff M and I are picking out songs for our new record involving the ” Coyotes”. Tempers are definitely flairing ( sp).” Start your own band if you don’t like my taste! ” But Chris already has a band, so that statement is moot. My nerves are frayed today.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nice to hear some positive words about the show.
Jackson has told me that I had the first 8 years of his life but it’s his dad’s turn. All because his dad plays more computer games with him. But I was told that I am a much better cuddler.
I have eaten more Crawfish in the last 3 days. In Ny, the Easter holidays meant you ate turkey. Not here. I am stuffed. But man it was delicious.I learned how to play Bacci ball today. See life is not all work!
I am heading to Denver’s anniversary party in a couple of days. Always a good time in Denver.
Right now I am watching The Big Lebowski. Awesome movie. It’s one of the few movies I really like John Goodman in. John Tuturro is also so funny. Just relaxing after a huge meal.
New day tomorrow

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good day today. I am feeling strong. San Antonio kicking some butt!!
In Nashville Chris B, Jeff M, and myself had some meetings. At night we hung out with Irv, George Strait’s manager. What a fun guy. I loved just sitting around listening to stories. The topper of the night was meeting the song writer of ” Friends in Low places”. Let’s just say that I have no doubt he will not remember meeting me or probably meeting anyone in the last ten years. How funny to be that person who gets labeled like that. ” That’s the guy who wrote ” Friends in Low places” ” That’s the guy who wrote the catch phrase for Dunkin Donuts” ” That’s the guy who penned “Mikey likes it” on the cereal commercials. This would be what people said about me ” hey that’s the girl who sold liquor out of her boot and became famous.” Funny
OK Back to work

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Monday, March 17, 2008

The bars did great this weekend. I am very pleased. Nashville coming out on top. Nice showing for Austin as well.
Have a few meetings in Nashville tomorrow. I can’t promise that I will go to the bar because I have a quick turnaround. Jackson asked why there was an Easter bunny and eggs as well because rabbits do not lay eggs? I was a bit stumped because other then the religious backround for Easter I actually don’t know the history of the Easter bunny.
Jeff is hounding me for the Toronto stuff. I wish I could just snap my fingers and have it all just come together.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Last week Chantel and I decided to get away for a couple of days and went to the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi. It was quite nice. On Thursday night we went to the casino bar and watched a cover band called ” Michael Anthony and the groove.” I loved this band. They played everything under the sun. Chantel and I were laughing so hard because they went from playing Creedence to 50 cent. Hysterical. I told her we have to hire them for an event at the New Orleans bar.
Well I can’t lie, I could not possibly feel any worse. I know, I will get over it. It’s almost comical that I am feeling so bad , looking even worse and one of my friends keeps on making sure to rib me on my age. ” How old are you now? You know one of my girlfriends is half your age!” I was actually laughing about it until I received an email explaining to me how fat I look on the show and asking “if I have a bun in the oven?” LOL
At least my son loves me , although he also said I looked fat on the show.
If I did not have all these responsibilities I would pack a bag and go somewhere far far away. I just want to drop off the face of the planet today.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Holy Crap this Toronto Inquiry is becoming a nightmare. I had to supply all my bank statements, credit card statements for 5 years. Now today I am supposed to list all my jobs from college on. Freaking long time ago. For the life of me I don’t know the dates of these jobs. Then I recalled a 3 month stint ( I was probably 20) where I was broke and had to move in with my parents. I cringe at that thought. I got a job where they lived in Connecticutt. I worked doubles every day for 3 months. I did everything at this restaurant. I was a waitress in the day time. At night I would switch from service bartender, food runner, and cocktail waitress. I remember the general manager hated me. Now I think back and think, what a dumbass he was. I worked all the time. I never called in sick. I did any job I could get. My present day managers would beg for an employee like me. Well regardless, I couldn’t get out of my parents house quick enough. Thanks toronto for making me remember these days.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Austin did 204 bodyshots on Saturday. That is insane! Some guy left a huge tip on his credit card. Good for them. They work hard they deserve it.
3 weeks of barely sleeping and last night I slept 10 hours. I never do that!
We are working on the girls first album. Very exciting stuff. It is nice to have some fun stuff to work on!

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

A lot of negative emails about the format change for the show. All I can say is that CMT did not want to continue with the old format. They felt the auditions were boring and they wanted to change the final to something more specific, like the girl’s group. I am actually pleased this season. The girls who audition don’t care about being a ” Coyote” they only want to be on TV. People still ask me what happened to Cassie from the first season. She got fired. She never cared about working at the Nashville bar. She just wanted to be famous.
The viewers also don’t understand how hard it is to really portray a good Coyote Ugly bartender. Sometimes salesmanship and charisma don’t carry over on tv. This year it is more straight forward. For those who think this is a copout, I don’t really understand. The bars run 365 days a year. We hire girls we train girls every day. That’s real life . By the way, how hot is malley the singing coach on the show. So cute and so nice. Sorry girls he has a very serious girlfriend.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

I forgot. Tonight is the Season 3 premiere on CMT. I’m such a loser , I don’t even know what time it is on. I would say either 8 or 9.

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Went to the NY anniversary this week. Jacqui ordered White Castle hamburgers for the party. I think I may have eaten 20 of them. Now I realize that twenty white castles only equals about 5 regular hamburgers.
I met a lot of the new girls. Very cute. Jacqui has hired some very good looking bouncers. Maybe we will do a playgirl shoot around the NY bouncers. Them boys are ” lookers”. One of the bouncers is going to school for film ( I think). The catch is that he is not officially enrolled. He goes to class does the homework but has never paid tuition or truely applied at that University. But he still gets his grades and works hard with the professors. I love that. So funny.
Going home today. Tomorrow is my son’s school fair. I found out through another parent that they put me on garbage duty because I did not fill in some sheet, I did not know about. For god sakes, I supply all the beer. Now I get punished and have to do garbage! Bullshit!

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Today was the first normal day I have had in a while.
Jackson had a soccer game. He scored 3 goals!!! Jackson’s team won 10-2. It could of been 30-0 but as assistant coach I was trying to play some of the weaker players so they got more play time then normal. Chantel came to watch and we were laughing so hard because Jackson’s dad called a break at the end of the first quarter . We never break until half time. He said ” Lil, the other team only has 5 players and 2 of them have asthma.” I know it is not funny but Chantel and I were laughing so hard.
As a mother, not the assistant coach, I am so proud of Jackson. He is the fastest kid on the team. He really looks handsome with his hair blowing in the wind.
I looked in the mirror this morning and I noticed that I have a ton of gray. Even a friend noticed. Why does stress change your hair color? Why so quickly? And also why is it not just gray at the roots? How in one week can it be gray 3 inches?
Life can be very hard. But today I felt good again.
The bars are starting to take a swing upwards. I can’t wait to start really getting back to work.

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