Lil Spill

May 27, 2016

A shout out to Austin! ” I just deposited my Austin dividend  check ” Bam! I am very thankful to all the bars but especially Austin today !

Two employees got fired in SD . Stupid is what stupid does. Of course Daniel said ” the curse of the calendar . One month down “.

A few years back when I did about 20 sessions in therapy , I learned that I use exercise as a coping mechanism . ” how bad could that be? Well recently a new store opened up in my neighborhood that offers B vitamin shots and IV therapy . I have gone twice this week. Once for two shots of various B and supplements and today for IV therapy . What would the therapist say about this ? Is this another coping issue? Who the f knows ? I just figure it can’t hurt to be extra healthy and hydrated !

Next weekend Memphis !

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Roselyn Felts

Thanks Lil! Love our store in Austin! It's home sweet home