Lil Spill

May 20, 2016

Lee cartooned this photo. A  fun way to end the photoshoot.

Jackson is super sick today. I called in sick for him but he snuck back to take his PE swim exam. That kid is a dedicated student. When I picked him up ” well mom , on a good note the swimming seemed to temporarily clear my sinuses.”

Daniel and I are making real progress on playing the Dublin manager’s seminar. I am super excited!!

I had an interview with BUST magazine today. I was not at my best. I was coughing, doing twelve things at once. Hopefully , I made some sense.

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Had great service last evening at the NOLA bar. Two wonderful people with amazing customer service.


Correction to my post from last night, I was miss informed, I withdraw my comment. I apologize to all staff who I may have hurt from bad information.


Wow now in new Orleans the regulars need to buy merchandise to do a shot. The only bar in the quarte where that is required.